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Trion was at the Game Developers Conference that was held from March 17th-21st 2014. As part of the conference, they showed off a Rift presentation called “Rift Transformed: From Subscription to Free to Play in 7 Months” by AR Schleicher, Lead Engineer.

The powerpoint presentation goes over Rift’s F2P transition, some concepts ‘in-progress’ UI elements and population charts surrounding the F2P transition.

Table of Contents

Page 1

  • Decision to go F2P
  • Subscription Plans and Stipends
  • Guest Account Performance
  • Token Quantities vs Credits

Page 2

  • Merchant UI Progress
  • Loyalty UI Progress

Page 3

  • F2P Performance (Performance Charts)

You can obtain a copy of the Rift GDC Presentation here.

Decision to go F2P


As per the slide above, it seems the decision to go F2P occured one day after Storm Legion launched on November 14th 2012; beginning with a 2-person team to develop a plan for the F2P transition before ending up with most of Trion’s Redwood Shores, California engineers working on the transition and future of F2P for Rift.

  • Nov 13th 2012 – Storm Legion launches
  • Nov 14th 2012 – “F2P is a go!”
  • May 14th 2013 – Rift F2P Announced
  • June 12th 2013 – Rift goes F2P

Subscription Plans and Stipends


Trion goes on to mention a few slides down that the subscription plan (Patron) does not have a stipend. They also go over why not in the powerpoint notes to the slide:

We understood why people wanted stipends, and we really wanted to be the good guy here –

But as other companies are now also acting on – Modern accounting rules around virtual goods and currencies and revenue recognition makes them extremely challenging.

Thus it seems as though a stipend for patrons will be highly unlikely.

Guest Account Performance


Trion made an interesting note to one of their slides about minimizing barriers to entry through the use of guest accounts that doesn’t require you to enter any personal details, e-mail address or even a password.

We added anonymous/guest accounts to Rift, where you don’t have to give your e-mail address or name to play, and reward players early and often in the first hours of the game. When we do require you to register to continue, we provide a reward (free bag) for providing extra information (your real name), giving players a choice about how much information they provide, and rewarding them for providing more.

From Barish: 55%-60% of new users are creating accounts via this method.


It seems that a decent amount of potential players who use the guest system actually goes ahead and registers an account by the time they hit Level 9. This is good news – although Trion should look at Level 40-48 leveling which I’ve read from a few players is a lot slower than any other point of leveling in the game.

Token Quantities vs Credits


Interestingly, at least one of the reasons why our marks were multiplied by 20x to 100x was to make Credits look cheaper/better deal on a side-by-side quantity basis.

I personally recall one of the reasons given for multiplying the tokens was to allow Patron vials and Rift Store boosts bonuses to provide proper gains (instead of constant rounding of the small quantity of tokens we used to have).

The Credits-looking-cheaper component wasn’t mentioned although I’m sure some players must have mentioned it at the time.

Page 2 – UI Progression

Page 3 – F2P Performance Charts


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