PTS: New Goboro Reef Teleport Item

There’s a new “Take Me To Goboro Reef” item in the Expert difficulty version of Dummy Foundry on the Public Test Shard.

It’s locked and only accessible by players with ‘Beta Entitlement’ though, but it is perhaps an indicator that they’re possibly opening up beta testing of 3.0 content to more players. (kind of like how they made a 2.7 Soul Test Pack item when they introduced the new souls for open testing).

Clearly with the lock it isn’t open testing – but it may be possible that they’ve increased the tester pool and added in this item to help those new testers get to the new zone.

Credit to TehFrank for finding this!

Take Me To Goboro Reef


Goboro Reef is one of the zones that TehFrank had datamined a few months back. It was mentioned in the “3.0 Plane of Water Image” as the ‘Coral Forest’, a “play space and potential starting zone.”

Interestingly this is on the PTS client. Storm Legion expansion beta testing was on a separate client entirely.

Dummy Foundry


The item is located in the Expert Difficulty version of the Dummy Foundry on the Public Test Shard. You can find information on accessing this instance and how to get onto the Public Test Shard in our Guide: Accessing the PTS.

  • Go on the PTS.
  • Change Dungeon Difficulty by right-clicking your portrait. Change to Expert.
  • Click on the Bear Trap available near Sanctum, Meridian and Tempest Bay Porticulums.
  • Speak to Fluff 2: The Fluffening.

Will this be unlocked for the general public in the future? Most likely; although by that point you’ll probably get open access to the entire expansion in an Open Beta like what happened with the lead-up to the Storm Legion expansion.

Date on Open Beta? Unknown at this point.

How to get Closed Beta access? Unknown – you’ll likely need to either contribute a lot to theory-crafting or bug-reporting, or proven yourself in past testing.


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