Stronghold Double/Triple Boosters

The Rift Store on the EU shards have had new Stronghold Double/Triple Boosters up on the Rifts section of the Rift Store. These will likely appear on the NA shards within a few hours.

  • Stronghold Double Booster – Doubles loot roll on Essences after defeating Stronghold bosses in the Dendrome.
  • Stronghold Triple Booster – Triples loot roll on Essences after defeating Stronghold bosses in the Dendrome.

Stronghold Boosters

Rift Stronghold Boosters

You can find the Stronghold Double and Triple Boosters in the Rift Store (default key “]“) at the bottom of the Rifts category.

  • Stronghold Double Booster costs 480 Credits (432 for Patrons) each.
  • Stronghold Triple Booster costs 1,000 Credits (900 for Patrons) each.

From what can be seen:

  • These items seem to last a week before they get deleted from your inventory. So you won’t be able to ‘stock up’ on these.
  • These items double/triple your chance of getting an Essence each time you kill a Stronghold boss. Although it says “loot roll”, I doubt it means that if you roll a 10 you’ll get a 20 (cause that’s just stupid). It’s probably referring to loot chance. So if – for example – the chance of an Essence is 1%; it’ll now be 2% for the Double Booster.
  • If these are similar to the ones shown on the PTS back in January, they should be consumables that last 1 hour each (may have changed since PTS version). [Confirmed].

Possible Promo Week?

Interestingly back in January Dev MikeD mentioned that these items would only be available during a “special limited-time event in the future”. So that is this week – is there a special Promo Event starting up after this week’s hotfix; or is the “special limited-time event” limited to these Stronghold Boosters alone?


The Air Saga World Event Phase 3 does start this week; but that only adds in two new zone events – The Bloodfire Army and Power of Nightmares – which don’t seem to be too related to Dendrome Strongholds.

Are these Worth It?

For most players, I doubt these boosters would be worth it unless Trion could give us an indication of what the drop rates are like for the Level 60 Epic Greater Essences (like Charred Flamesource) so we can get an idea just how much of a difference doubling or tripling that drop rate would actually be.

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