Contest: Savage Swords and Noble Staves – Rift Concept Art Contest

RIFT Concept Art Contest Feature Image

[IMG Source: Trion]

Trion Worlds is holding an official RIFT Concept Art Contest called “Savage Swords and Noble Staves”. They’re looking for players to digitally draw concept art for two-handed swords, two-handed staves and cloaks. Templates provided.

Winners will have their concept art recreated by Trion’s development team for use in RIFT. Good luck!

Prizes: Several prizes including unique titles, up to 37,000 Credits, mount of your choice, 3 RICs, 30-day Patron Pass and multiple costume versions of your creation.

Dates: Contest starts at 10:00am PST on 2nd April 2014. Contest ends at 11:59PM PST on 23rd April 2014.

Further information:

Please read the official rules/conditions. Below is meant as a summary only of major points of interest for the contest as well as an FAQ.

Note: If you are going to enter, make sure to read through the Full Rules/Conditions. There’s some restrictions to eligibility worth noting – for instance, your country may not be eligible if you are not a legal resident of USA, Canada (excl. Quebec), EU (Excl. the Netherlands), Switzerland, Australia or New Zealand.

(Also, Canadians need to answer a maths question. No joke!)


Grand Prize Winner

  • “The Concept King” in-game title
  • 37,000 RIFT Credits
  • 1 Mount of your choice from the RIFT Store.
  • 3 Radiant Infinity Cells
  • 30-day Patron Pass
  • 20 Costume Versions of your creation

Second Place Winner

  • “The Concept King” in-game title
  • 27,000 RIFT Credits
  • 1 Mount of your choice from the RIFT Store.
  • 2 Radiant Infinity Cells
  • 30-day Patron Pass
  • 15 Costume Versions of your creation

Third Prize

  • “The Concept King” in-game title
  • 18,500 RIFT Credits
  • 1 Mount of your choice from the RIFT Store.
  • 1 Radiant Infinity Cell
  • 30-day Patron Pass
  • 10 Costume Versions of your creation

Runner(s) Up

  • “The Concept Competitor” in-game title
  • 8,500 RIFT Credits
  • 5 Costume Versions of your creation

Note: The “X Costume Versions of your creation” means that you will be given X amount of the costume (no-stats) version of the gear you create. You can then use it yourself or hand them to your friends/guildies/etc.


Q: Is there a limit to the number of entries we can submit?

A: No limit to number of entries – but sending in more entries does not mean you have a higher chance of winning (Unless you are super talented of course!) [r]

Q: What does ‘digital’ mean in terms of having to submit a digital art?

A: Digital means you have to submit it to us digitally – not via the mail or carrier pidgeon. It has to be sent to the email listed. If you want to make your art using mud, take a photo of it, then adjust it in MS paint and put it on the template, feel free! [r]

Q: What does “20 Costume Versions of your creation” mean?

A: 20x of the item means – there will be a costume variation of it. You will get 20x the costume variation and be able to give it out to your friends. [r]

Q: Are prizes judged per category or are the prizes based on overall ‘best’ of the 3 combined?

A: Weapons (either) are a category, and cloaks are category. [r]

Q: Will the judges be affected by if we entered concept art for all 3 items, or just one of the items?

A: The judges will be looking at each piece individually for judging – entering more times or less times has no real affect on your odds of winning. [r]

Q: Where are all the shield skins?

A: Talking [to] our lead concept artist he wanted to have people focused on a few specific things for this round to give direction. [r]

Q: Some Rift weapons have animations. Can we describe animations as well as including an image of the base state of the weapon?

A: We’d prefer no animations during this round.

If you want to include extra images of how something could animate, feel free, but if chosen, it is highly unlikely we’ll animate it. [r]

Q: If we decide to do a weapon and a cloak, can we make them match, or would that disqualify us? For example, a similar emblem on both entries. Is this allowed?

A: Feel free to make them match, however each will be judged on it’s own. [r]

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