Further Soul Changes

Trion have a variety of soul changes in the works coming up (or already up) on the PTS for the following souls:

  • Rogue Physician – Icon/Description changes and some other changes.
  • Rogue Ranger – Twin Shot dmg +26%; Ace Shot dmg +15%. (should go live with next week’s patch).
  • Warrior Reaver clarification – Blood Fever will be removed when Reaver becomes a DPS soul.
  • Cleric Justicar – Threat modifier increases; Censure to 30m range, Even Justice 360 degree attack and more.
  • Cleric Cabalist – Fixes to Obliteration, macros and tooltips on the PTS.
  • Cleric Oracle – Tainted Blood can now crit; Empowered now causes Isignia to no longer consume Emblem of Alacrity.

Rogue Physician Changes

Vladd posted some changes coming to the PTS for Rogue Physicians.

  • Preemptive Therapy now has a global stack size of 1 instead of a caster stack size of 1.
  • Corrected the description on Supportive Care.
  • Changed the icon for Combination Therapy.
  • Changed the icon for Residual Care.
  • Maintenance Therapy now includes the ranged weapon in calculation.
  • Supportive Care now has an internal cooldown of 1s between applying shields.
  • Life Insurance’s pin HP effect will now function properly when used on another target other than the caster.
  • Removed AoE restrictions from Reverse Genetics so it now effects Group Therapy.
  • Reduced healing on Group Therapy by 16% due to the change with Reverse Genetics.

[Source: Vladd]

Rogue Ranger Changes

Vladd stated that he would be working on the Rogue’s Ranger soul more “post 2.7” once the new souls are out and they’ve finalized the progression systems for 3.0. [r]

However, he also posted two changes that will be on PTS the next time it is updated and will be arriving with next week’s Live patch:

  • Twin Shot: Damage increased 26%
  • Ace Shot: Damage increased 15%

Vladd stated that his parses showed an 8% increase in overall DPS after the above two changes.

[Source: Vladd]

Warrior Reaver Clarification

Vladd quickly clarified that when Reaver turns into a DPS spec, ‘Blood Fever’ would be removed. He stated that they had a few ideas for replacements. [r]

Cleric Justicar Changes

Kervik made some new additions to Justicar on top of the large amount of changes already made slated for the PTS:

  • Divine Right now causes overhealing you receive from your Doctrines to generate an absorb shield equal to 2/4/6% of your Maximum Health. Can occur up to once every 10 seconds. Causes Doctrine of Bliss and Doctrine of Loyalty to consume up to 1/2/3 additional Conviction on cast, increasing the healing by 100% for each additional Conviction.
  • Increased the threat modifier on the damage portion of Doctrine of Authority from 2 to 3.
  • Censure now has a 30m range.
  • Increased the threat modifier on Censure from 1 to 3.
  • Even Justice now hits 360 degrees instead of a frontal cone.

[Source: Kervik]

Cleric Cabalist Changes

Kervik updated the PTS to hopefully fix the Obliteration issues that Cleric’s Cabalist soul was suffering from as well as fixes to macros and tooltips. These are in light of the large amount of Cabalist changes up on the PTS. [r]

Cleric Oracle Changes

Two more changes to the Cleric’s 2.7 Soul: Oracle is making its way to the PTS:

  • Damage from Tainted Blood can now critically hit.
  • Empowered now causes Insignia to no longer consume Emblem of Alacrity.

[Source: Kervik]


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