Hold off on Infinity Gate Raid until after hotfix

Cyzo has announced that completing the criteria for the “Island Hopping” achievement for Mordan & Victus encounter in the Tier 2 20-man Raid ‘Infinity Gate’ will reward a bonus chest with Frozen Eclipse Stones and a Heart of the Planebreaker.

This will be added in with this week’s hotfix so if you’d like to take a shot at it for next reset week, be aware of the hotfix times:

  • NA Hotfix – 8AM PDT on 9th April 2014. (NA Server Time)
  • EU Hotfix – 2AM GMT on 10th April 2014. (EU Server Time)

This can be earned on a weekly basis. [r]



The “Island Hopping” achievement can be found under Achievements (default key “h“) -> Raids -> Infinity Gate. It involves making sure that no raid member gets above 4 stacks of Deathly or Life Attunement during the Mordan & Victus encounter.

The way the mechanics work for this fight means that the lower your stacks are, the more damage you will receive when you use the portals to switch between the Life & Death platforms.

This achievement will also require every raid member to be wary of their stacks – if even one player ends up with more than 4 stacks, the criteria for the achievement will not be met and you will not receive your bonus chest.

[Source: Cyzo]

 Weekly Reward

Cyzo has confirmed that this bonus chest loot will appear once you have met the criteria for the “Island Hopping” achievement – it is thus not attached to the achieve itself.

Cyzo has confirmed that you can earn this once per reset week as you just have to meet the criteria (no more than 4 stacks of D&L Attunement) rather than complete the achieve itself.

[Source: Cyzo]


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