RIFT 2.6 Hotfix #13

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Trion will be updating RIFT with RIFT 2.6 Hotfix #13 at 8:00AM PST on 9th April 2014 (NA) and 2:00AM GMT on 10th April 2014 (EU).


  • Final Phase (4) of the Air Saga World Event begins. [Guide: Air Saga World Event] [Guide: Air Saga – Arc 5]
  • Budgie Madness Promo Week returns starting 3:30PM ST  on April 10th. [Guide: Budgie Madness]
  • Currency Weekly Caps on end-game currencies have been removed.
  • Increased drop rate of Relic Cape Recipes.
  • New Exceptionally Crimson Dye available periodically on the RIFT store.
  • Mage Soul Changes: Archon, Chloromancer and Pyromancer changes.
  • Warrior Soul Change: Riftblade change.
  • Infinity Gate Raid: Completing the criteria for the “Island Hopping” achieve gives bonus chest containing additional FES + Heart of the Planebreaker. [More info.]

RIFT 2.6 Hot Fix #13 – 04/09/14
A crashing conclusion is in store for the Ascended as the Air Saga Finale is now live!
Budgie Week is back, and this time it runs from 3:30pm server time April 10th until 3:30am server time April 17th!

This time, the Umbral Budgie mount can be acquired from Limited Edition: Umbral Budgie Troves, available on the Rift Store. You can also earn a Limited Edition: Budgie Trove by completing the achievement Chicken Run, which has a chance to drop the Frosty Budgie mount.

On the Store this time are the Ashen and Frosty Budgie mounts, which can be purchased with Bird Seed. Bird Seed is obtained from the Limited Edition: Budgie Trove and Limited Edition: Umbral Budgie Trove, and by completing new daily quests in Silverwood (Guardian Only), Freemarch (Defiant Only), Pelladane, and Cape Jule!

* Due to popular demand, the currency caps on end game currencies have been lifted! (See above due to popular demand – but note that this is a test and we may revert it :P)
* Fixed an issue with certain marvelous recipes not being able to be sold to a merchant.
* Dramatically increased the drop rate of Relic cape recipes in the wild! …But, they’re still pretty rare.

* Redder than RED, the new exceptionally Crimson Dye is now periodically available on the RIFT store!

* Ashen Defense: Corrected an issue that allowed proc’ed damage effects such as Shifting Blades to be increased by Ashen Defense.
* Crumbling Resistance: Corrected an issue that allowed proc’ed damage effects such as Arc to be increased by Crumbing Resistance.

* Destructive Growth: Corrected an issue that allowed proc’ed damage effects such as Shifting Blades and Arc to be increased by Destructive Growth.

* Inferno: No longer affected by the global cooldown, and now deals additional damage.
* Cinder Burst: No longer shares a cooldown with Fulminate.
* Fulminate: No longer shares a cooldown with Cinder Burst.
* Pyromancer’s Armor and Pyromancer’s Aegis: Buffed the procs that reduce the cast time of Cinder Burst to 0 so that they now also cause Cinder Burst to no longer trigger a global cooldown on cast.

* Burst Synergy: Now makes your next burst ability have 3 charges instead of a single one. This replaces the functionality of granting 2 additional Attack Points when an Attack Point was gained.

* World Bosses – Corrected an issue that would cause the Dendrome weekly quests to permanently leave Lady Nessie’s talisman in the player’s quest log.

* Brothers of Life and Death
– Successfully completing the criteria of “Island Hopping” will reward a bonus chest containing additional Frozen Eclipse Stones and a Heart of the Planebreaker.

Originally Posted by CM Morgana on 9th APRIL 2014

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