Livestream Summary: 11th April 2014

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Trion had their 11h April 2014 Friday Livestream Extravaganza with Livestreamer “Cole”, Community Manager Eric “Ocho” Cleaver, Senior Design Director Simon “Dead Simon” Ffinch and Dungeon Developer “Anony”. Game Director Bill “Daglar” Fisher was also on the Livestream Chat Channel answering a variety of questions.

The livestream showed off the Bindings of Blood: Greenscale encounter. A few questions were also answered.

Click here for a replay of the 11th April Friday Livestream Extravaganza video on


  • Patch 2.7 Release on 7th May 2014.
  • Bindings of Blood: Greenscale Encounter preview.
  • Daglar answers a bunch of questions including no 10-man; Reaver soul changes up prior to 3.0.
  • Artifact addition – Artifact Thieves + Craftable Nets

Below is a summary of all the important things relating to the livestream. As always, everything can be subject to change prior to the content hitting Live.

Black/Normal Text = Livestream Summary.
[Dark Blue Text] = My own comments. i.e. May not be indicative of actual content.

Table of Contents:


Patch 2.7 Release

Daglar previously mentioned that Patch 2.7 would be coming in Early May during a Q&A on Deepwood (NA).

Today he released information on the Livestream Chat Channel that Patch 2.7 release would be in the first week of May.

Daglar on 2.7

Given that non-emergency patches are almost always on a Wednesday, the Patch 2.7 release date is highly likely to be 7th May 2014.

Bindings of Blood – Tier 3 Raids

During the livestream the Trion team showed off the Bindings of Blood: Greenscale encounter as well as confirmed a couple of points about Tier 3 Raids:

  • There are 4 Bindings of Blood instances – Greenscale, Akylios, Maelforge and Laethys.
  • Each instance has one mini-boss and one actual boss.
  • As these are separate instances, they are therefore 4 different lock-outs.

Bindings of Blood: Greenscale

Mini-Boss: Toxilua

Toxilua MiniBoss

Toxilua is the mini-boss for the BoB: Greenscale instance. Toxilua is a DPS check and has mechanics that are related to the Greenscale boss encounter.

Dev Anony mentioned that the Bracken are able to be knocked-back so proper knock-back can help prevent extensive AoE damage.



Greenscale himself has a large variety of phases with differing and new mechanics compared to the version of him in Greenscale’s Blight.

Hero NPCs

Part of the encounter involves using Hero NPCs that perform one ability each from shielding to cleansing to dps buffs. There is an achieve to not use the Hero NPCs at all so it is possible to down Greenscale without the use of the Heros’ abilities.


Bracken Following Phase Greenscale

An interesting part of the encounter was the 3rd air phase where Greenscale hovers in the air, two adds like Toxilua appears and bracken begin to chase after the players. During this phase the bracken will gradually move at an increasing pace so it becomes harder and harder to avoid them. You have to kite the bracken into the red flowers in the middle for them to die otherwise they’ll eventually outpace you.

There’s also a stacking mechanic called Hyper Toxin where the raid needs to stack on the tanks or else the tank group will be annihilated.

In the final phase, a “Bindings of Blood” cast-bar appears and the raid has to survive the onslaught of the Drakanoth of Fate until the cast-bar is completely filled. The cast-bar takes 100 seconds to fill.

Other Info

Dev Anony also mentioned the following:

  • BoB: Greenscale is as challenging as Warden Thrax and Inyr’Kta.
  • BoB: Greenscale is tuned to be easier than the other BoB bosses.
  • BoB: Maelforge that is coming out with 2.7 will be “the hardest boss you’ve ever seen in Rift”.

BoB: Greenscale and BoB: Akylios are likely to be coming out on April 16th 2014.

Daglar Answers Questions

On top of stating that Patch 2.7 would come out in the first week of May, Daglar also answers a few other questions, as follows:

No 10-man for Tier 3Daglar on 10-mans

No 10-man raid is planned for Tier 3 currently so you will need to have 20 players with 600 HIT minimum to do the Tier 3 raids (instead of easing them in through 10-mans like the previous tiers).

2.7 SoulsDaglar on 2.7 Souls Cost
Daglar on Patron 2.7 Souls

On the topic of the 2.7 souls, Daglar re-affirmed that:

  • There will be no price reduction on mage tank gear in light of the introduction of the Arbiter soul compared to current prices for gear.
  • 2.7 souls will be sold as a pack of 4 like the Storm Legion souls.
  • Patrons will not receive any 2.7 souls for free.

Reaver Changes

Daglar on Reaver Soul

The Warrior’s Reaver soul changes to turn it from a Tank soul into a DPS soul will hopefully arrive before 3.0. However, the changes won’t be ready by Patch 2.7.


Daglar on OptimizationDaglar on Companion PetsDaglar on 3.0 Progression

  • Reiterated that optimisations are aimed at targetting the people that perform the worst.
  • New multi-companion pets (interactive items) could come in the future but none are currently done.
  • Gear progression for 3.0 is being worked on but still quiet on what that progression is like.


Artifact Thieves

Dead Simon has a new addition coming to the game with next week’s hotfix for artifact hunters.

At the end of Unstable Zone Events, Unstable Artifact Thieves will spawn that will run around the zone. If you catch one, they’ll give you 1-2 artifacts.

  • There are 4 types of thieves for 4 rarity levels of unstable artifacts in the game.
  • You will need a special Net that gives you a chance at catching an Unstable Artifact Thief.
  • There are 4 types of Nets for the 4 types of thieves.
  • The Nets are crafted with Recipes that drop at the end of Unstable Zone Events.
  • The Nets are crafted by the Dream Weaving Profession.
  • The Nets are sellable/tradeable.

So for instance if you craft an Epic Net, you have a chance of catching an Epic Unstable Artifact Thief. If you successfully catch him, he’ll give you 1-2 Epic Unstable Artifacts.

The Artifact Thieves are on top of the normal way of collecting artifacts.

  • You require Level 300 Dream Weaving to craft the Epic Trap.


Other Stuff

Artifact Set Turn-in Experience

Dead Simon stated that he won’t nerf Artifact Set turn-in experience in light of the leveling up video by JackSteel where he levels up from Level 8 to 40 in a few minutes.

Dead Simon stated that this method of leveling up takes a long time and large amounts of platinum to get all those completed artifact sets and thus there’s no need to nerf the experience on these sets.

Livestream Giveaways

During the Livestream, a handful of livestream chat channel viewers received:

  • Unstable Artifact Thieves Cache which contains between 10 to 20 Unstable Artifacts and a Net recipe.
  • 5x Umbral Budgie Troves that contains a rare chance at the new Umbral Budgie Mount.

Quote of the Stream:

“Maelforge in 2.7 I will say that is definitely going to be the hardest boss you’ve ever seen in Rift”. – Dev Anony

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    Thanks for the update. You do a great job for all of us the fans of the game. We love you 🙂


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