Further clarification on Promo Credits/Budgie Trove E-mails

CM Morgana has posted an FAQ with further clarification in regards to the e-mails that have been sent out about the 750 Free Credits and the Budgie Trove giveaway.

  • Anyone who opted in to receive RIFT e-mails by Friday morning should have received the Promotional Credits (750 Free Credits). It may take up to 7PM Pacific Time for them to apply to your account.
  • A random, smaller subset of those opted-in players received the same e-mail but with the Budgie Trove code. Unfortunately it said “riftactive” for the code which was incorrect.
  • A new set of e-mails has been sent out for those who received the Budgie Trove code e-mail as of 12:45PM Pacific Time containing the actual code.

[Source: CM Morgana]

Some players received double credits (1,500 instead of 750). Daglar has stated that they won’t remove it: “Spend away.” [r]

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