New 532MB Update on the PTS (April 2014)

PTS New 532MB Update on PTS Banner

There’s a new 532MB Update that has just hit the Public Test Shard (“PTS”)! It’s been a while since we’ve last done a large post like this (since February) but here we are with another large PTS update!

  • Huge amounts of 3.0 Content Models.
  • New Bindings of Blood multi-Conqueror Achievement + Dimension Key reward.
  • Movement Physics Improvements
  • Maid’s Bundle.

Table of Contents:

  • 3.0 Content Models
  • Bindings of Blood Conqueror Achieve
  • Movement Physics Improvements
  • Shark and Black Ki Rin Mounts
  • Maid’s Bundle

3.0 Content Models

EP2 Draumheim Models 1

Quite a few 3.0 Content Models have been added that have been datamined by TehFrank. The images above show a Draum Heim (‘Dream Home’) ‘Middle Class’ House architecture as well as a street lamp.

Draum Heim is one of the assumed zones for RIFT 3.0. It is assumed to be the ‘Dream City’ that the old 3.0 Plane of Water Image and 3.0 Whiteboard mentions. TehFrank has datamined some of the Draum Heim porticulum locations before:

  • Gemini Bluffs
  • Ghar Station Rosh
  • Royal Palace

You’ll notice the file locations are all “ep2” instead of the old “ep1”. The “ep2” folder seems to be where all the 3.0 Content is housed.

Buildings – Atragarian Well

The Atragarian Well seems to be a very large building in the Goboro Reef zone. It is multi-level and even has ‘arms’ as part of it.

Buildings – Draum Heim

The Draum Heim zone is likely the ‘Dream City’ mentioned in past content. Some of the models for the buildings are now up on the PTS as per above.

Buildings – Gyel Fortress

Gyel Fortress is ones of the 3.0 Dungeons. The above images show various rooms including a ‘throne room’ for this dungeon.

Other Models

Other datamined models of interest includ:

  • Mobs called Skelfs which comes in a variety of forms: Shaman, Horror, Shark. There’s also 3 weapon models for the Skelfs.
  • Numerous ship wreckage models.
  • Large ‘lake creature’.
  • Critters.
  • Various Flora models.
  • Massive Goboro Reef Fortress.

Although the Goboro Reef Fortress looks insane, the middle section of the very top of the building seems almost ‘oriental’ in appearance – like it might come from feudal Japan or ancient China. Shi-Ming?

3.0 Minimaps

A couple of mini-maps shown for – likely – Goboro Reef and perhaps part of Draum Heim.

3.0 Skins

Here’s a variety of 3.0 skins; some are building textures and others are Skelfs (or Skelves, however they’re pronounced). There’s also a rather freaky-looking statue.

Other Interesting Tidbits

Datamine 3.0 Interesting File Names

There’s some interesting file names along with the various models and skins.

  • Skelf – New mob.
  • Draum Heim – Confirmed zone/possible Dream City.
  • ‘Eth_floor’ – Clearly something to do with the Eth. How is Goboro Reef and the Plane of Water related to the Eth? Did the Eth originate from the Plane of Water or could the ruins models shown be from an area of Telara that was potentially ‘engulfed’ by the Plane of Water?
  • ‘GR_fortress’ – Is this Gyel Fortress or a different Goboro Reef Fortress? There’s clear naming for Gyel Fortress in the other models related to Gyel Fortress whilst this one shows GR_fortress instead.
  • ‘GR_cave_bossroom’ – Sounds like this could be Gemini Bluffs or perhaps just Gyel Fortress.
  • ‘Tarken_glacier’ – Re-confirmed that Tarken Glacier is the name of one of the zones in 3.0.
  • ‘dh_farm_water’ – Draum Heim Farm Water. Could this potentially be where the residence of the Plane of Water go to ‘farm’ dreams/nightmares from other creatures/humans? Could we potentially find the ‘landquariums’ here?
  • ‘ep2_oil_pit’ – Not much to go on except that perhaps the oil in these pits are part of how Draum Heim and the ‘Ghar Stations’ are powered. Gyel Fortress models above shows models of furnaces.

New Banner

Datamine 3.0 Banner

There’s also a new banner skin. Is this related to 3.0? From the looks of it – given its red texture, it could be related more to the Bloodfire Army or perhaps even the Lord of Fire back in the Plane of Fire.

Bindings of Blood Conqueror Achieve

Conqueror Bindings of Blood

Found under Achievements (default key “H“) -> Raids -> Bindings of Blood, there is now a new meta achieve for completing all 4 Conqueror achieves for the 4 bosses of Storm Legion Tier 3.

Reward is a Key to Dimension: Charmer’s Caldera. Charmer’s Caldera is the Level 50 Dungeon located in Shimmersand and is also the original location of Laethys prior to her escape to Ember Isle.

Movement Physics Improvements

Dev Pithos has made a post on the PTS sub-forum announcing that Trion have added new code that affects the movement physics of our characters. Specifically, it is to address the issues of flying over rocks and bumps whilst moving around.

Check them out on the PTS and provide feedback in-game or on the “Movement Physics Change” topic on how your character is acting.

Some things to consider:

  • Are there any areas that you’re still bumping/sliding/flying off?
  • Does your mount feel slow?
  • Are there any new issues with – say – doing jump puzzles or are you having difficulties reaching artifacts that you don’t have on Live?

Thus far it seems there’s some big improvements for movement. For instance, no longer skidding around porticulums or flying off stairs.

Shark and Black Ki Rin Mounts

Datamine Shark and Black Ki Rin Mount

TehFrank datamined a Shark Mount and Black Ki Rin Mount. The Shark Mount is likely to be part of the 3.0 expansion with the inclusion of ‘Water’ and ‘Amphibious’ Mounts.

However, the Black Ki Rin Mount could potentially arrive prior to 3.0, so keep your eyes peeled. It will likely be in a lockbox or via Limited Time/Limited Quantity purchase on the Rift Store front page.

Here’s the skin below:Black Ki Rin Mount SKin

Maid’s Bundle

Maid Outfit

A new wardrobe bundle is out called the Maid’s Bundle for 2,125 Credits (1,912 for Patrons). The stockings look normal all the way until the feet where they unfortunately end at the feet. The rest of the ‘stockings’ that you see on the feet are part of the shoes themselves. (i.e. if you only want to use the stockings/legs costume, it’ll ‘end’ the top of the feet).

Yes, the female and male outfits are the same – no ‘Butler’ option for males although Dev Marigold did state that females would be getting a ‘suit-based’ outfit. Perhaps a Butler Bundle might end up appearing in the future.

Feather Duster Weapon

The bundle comes with a weapon costume – Feather Duster.

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