Daglar on Shard-hop Feature

Daglar was on Faeblight for a bit and answered a question on anchoring to shards. He mentioned that shard-hopping improvements would involve a drop-down that will allow you to select the shard you want to hop to.

Possible ETA is during the 2.7 release cycle, although not at 2.7 launch. May end up with 2.8.

Daglar on Shard-Hop

Credit to Nurse@Faeblight/Meaghanne on the forums for this screenshot!
If anyone has any other screenshots from Daglar’s time on Faeblight it would be greatly appreciated if you could post a comment below, send a PM to Jonus on the Rift Forums or use our Contact Form. Thank you!

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2 Comments on “Daglar on Shard-hop Feature”

  1. Chris
    April 22, 2014 at 4:18 am #

    that would be a much welcomed addition. right now, for newer folks they may not know how to jump shards, but this this addition it will make it much more accessible.


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    […] Daglar popped up on Seastone to answer more questions, mainly pertaining to PvP. He has previously done the rounds on Deepwood, Zaviel and Faeblight. […]

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