News Tidbits: PvP Healing composition, Unstable Nets + Itemization

A few news tidbits:

  • Dead Simon is aware of certain issues with Unstable Artifact Thieves appearing under rocks, ice and in other locations unreachable by nets. Also aware that nets are not working properly in places like over water. Changes will be made. [r]
  • PvP:
    • Daglar will re-open task to try to better balance healers on each side of a warfront. Likely based on play history. [r] However, no role-locking will be made.
    • 0% chance of Seastone being placed in its own cluster. [r]
  • Tier 3 Itemization:
    • Toxilua item upgrades will receive the proper set bonus.
    • Mythical Asphodel’s Primal Beacon will become a 2-handed hammer again. [r]
    • The 2min CD on Mythical Orb of Forbidden Secrets (Tier 3 raid Cleric totem) will be removed in next hotfix. [r]


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