Temporary PvP Consumes – How They Work

There’s a whole bunch of new PvP consumables/boosts on the Rift Store that are temporarily up for the next week. These are:

  • Freelancer Protocol: [Notoriety] consumable items that grant you notoriety for player kills for 2 hours (lasts through death) of the [Notoriety] mentioned in the item name.
  • Directly Opposed Positive Externality consumable item that grants you a 10% increase in Favor, Prestige, Experienec and Warlord’s Marks rewarded for 30 minutes. Stacks up to 5 times for everyone in a Warfront and lasts through death.

These are found under Rift Store -> Boosts and Rift Store -> PvP.

Further information below:

Freelancer Protocol: [Notoriety]

PvP Notoriety Modifier Consume

There’s a “Freelancer Protocol: [Notoriety]” item for each Storm Legion notoriety. These cost 225 Credits each (202 for Patrons) and provides you with 2 notoriety from player kills. Lasts 2 hours, and effect lasts through death.

These are a potential way for some pure PvP players to farm notoriety without having to do PvE dailies/rifts. However, it would be a rather costly way of doing so unless you only log on for, say, Conquest whilst in a premade aiming for kills and then log off straight away to prevent the buff from ticking down.

WARNING: These Freelancer Protocols do not stack together, even different rep ones.

Directly Opposed Positive Externality

Directly Opposed Positive Externality PvP Consume

The Directly Opposed Positive Externality provides a 10% boost to Favor, Prestige, Experience and Warlord’s Marks gained from all sources for 30 minutes. This effect stacks up to 5 times (so up to +50%) for everyone in Warfronts and lasts through death.

It costs 75 Credits (67 for Patrons) each.

Important things to note about this consume:

  • It stacks up to 5 times. It doesn’t need to be your own consume.
    (example: I popped one consume; went into a warfront and noticed after the warfront ended that I had 5 stacks). It probably means someone else in the warfront had 4 stacks, or multiple people had stacks and they all pushed my stacks to 5).
  • It can only be consumed in a Warfront. (you’ll get an in-game error text if you try to pop it outside a warfront).
  • The buff, however, continues to count down whilst you are outside warfronts.
  • The buff does not count down if you are logged off.
  • It stacks with Store-bought Boosts as well as Patron Vials. (as shown in the top-right section of the image above).

Important tip:

  • Turn in your Daily Warfront Rewards whilst you are in a Warfront if you plan on using Directly Opposed Positive Externality.

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