Daglar answers questions on Seastone

Daglar popped up on Seastone to answer more questions, mainly pertaining to PvP. He has previously done the rounds on Deepwood, Zaviel and Faeblight.

Rgi@Deepwood has made a post about it on the Rift Forums. In short:

  • No plans for new World PvP or new World PvP Quests;
  • No plans for Arenas;
  • No plans on removing CQ cheaters (assuming this means premade stacking);
  • No plans on making Seastone Guild vs Guild;
  • No plans on changing the CQ Queue System;

Some non-PvP responses by Daglar were that:

  • There are plans to be able to move to any shard without anchors (confirmed previously when Daglar was on Faeblight where he explained the shard-hop feature).
  • Not possible for cross-shard trading. [r]
  • They will look at the possibility of buffing Dendrome IA rewards. [r]
  • They are unable to bring cross-shard AH into the game.

Daglar on Cross-shard AH

Thanks to Mootowncow@Seastone for providing this screenshot! Also to Rgi@Deepwood and Zidra on the forums for posting summaries of the Q&A!

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One Comment on “Daglar answers questions on Seastone”

  1. April 25, 2014 at 8:19 am #

    All my respect to Daglar, but his answers just prove he knows nothing about PVP.
    EVERYBODY out rift says how crap PVP in Rift is, including me.

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