Daglar responds to 5v5 Ranked Matches going down.

Some players have noticed that the 5v5 Ranked Matches queue in the PvP window has suddenly disappeared on Live (it’s still on PTS).

Daglar has responded stating that he turned it off intentionally because “usage was abysmally low”. An example of this is that only 1 match had started in the past 7 days.

Will we ever see the 5v5 Ranked Match queue re-appear on Live? No information has been provided at this stage and Trion are not going to introduce rewards to 5v5s.

You can read his post here, or check it out below:

Main explanation about taking it down:

5v5 Ranked Matches
Usage was abysmally low. Real statistic: 1 match fired in the last 7 days.

I’m surprised anyone noticed when I used our remote admin tool to turn them off.

The answer to adding a progression path for gear to a 5 v 5 system is, has been, and will remain, no. We have more than enough progression paths in the game.

Were there issues with the system like not being able to see rating outside of the match? Sure. But the interest level simply is not there without rewards. We felt that the feature could very well have extremely low usage before we put it in – but it has been requested for so long by a vocal minority (specifically without rewards), that I had us spend time putting it in and proving it with data.

The last time I saw an internet petition outside of the RIFT forums for Arenas in RIFT, it garnered a whole 43 signatures.

Perhaps the folks that want 5 v 5 in RIFT without rewards are like the man and woman in the movie Ladyhawk. Only available at times when the other one can’t play.

Originally Posted by DAGLAR on 24th APRIL 2014

Also information on what Trion’s expectations were of 5v5s:

5v5 Expectation

No Incentive
So a “small vocal minority” wanted 5v5’s with no incentive and you guys implemented it thinking it was going to be successful?
Originally Posted by JUDEFROMKALE on 24th APRIL 2014

No, I thought it was going to be a colossal failure – but I wanted data to prove it.

Originally Posted by DAGLAR on 24th APRIL 2014

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