More News Tidbits – Arbiter changes + others

Some more news tidbits:

  • Daglar reaffirmed that 3.0 is slated for this year. [r]
  • Arbiter Changes: Deadly Shards now affects all Air & Water abilities; bonus from Raging Flood to affect all abilities; Charge drains will proc Arcane Shielding and Shielding Ward at or below 25 Charge. [r]
  • PvP temporary enchants to work for both 1H and 2H weapons starting with next week’s hotfix. [r]
  • No single boss locks in near future. System incompatible. [r]
  • There will be no specific PvP-only Dev. [r]
  • Unstable Artifact Thieves should no longer try burrowing themselves through Telara after next week’s hotfix. [r]

3.0 still slated for this year

Daglar quickly re-affirmed that 3.0 is slated for this year due to rumors that it might appear next year.

3.0 in 2014
Still this year. Folks are hard at work on it right now.
Originally Posted by DAGLAR on 24th APRIL 2014

Arbiter Changes

Kervik released some further changes for Mage’s 2.7 tank soul – Arbiter.

Arbiter Changes
Another update for you all.

  • Changed Deadly Shards to affect all Air and Water abilities.
  • Set the damage/healing bonus from Raging Flood to affect all abilities instead of only Charge consumers.
  • Set things so Charge drains, such as Internalize Charge will proc Arcane Shielding and Shielding Ward when they bring you to, or below, 25 Charge.

For the time being I haven’t changed anything on the damage bonus from Ebb and Flow. I’ll be keeping an eye on how things work out with these updates though.
Originally Posted by KERVIK on 24th APRIL 2014

PvP Temporary Enchants

A few of the temporary PvP enchants/consumables will be able to be applied to both 1-handed and 2-handed weapons. These are the Freelancer weapon consumes found in Rift Store -> PvP -> Consumes as well as the Warlord weapon consumes found in Depleted Supply Crates (found in Rift Store -> PvP).

PvP Temporary Enchants
Working on a fix for the temp enchants now. Starting after next weeks hotfix the following runes will apply to both 2H and 1H weapons:

  • Mercenary’s Weaponstone
  • Mercenary’s Witchstone
  • Warlord’s Weaponstone
  • Warlord’s Witchstone

I haven’t been able to find a repro for Vengeful Rage Runes dropping for Rogues since the patches were applied yesterday. If anyone sees them feel free to shoot me a PM with a character name and a rough time window and I’ll dig deeper. Thanks!
Originally Posted by ARCHONIX on 24th APRIL 2014

No Single Boss Locks

Daglar has stated that there will be no single boss locks for content in the near future. This is because the current system is unable to do single boss lock-outs.

[That said, they are able to do instance lockouts with a single boss in each instance such as with the Bindings of Blood encounters; they are just unable to do single boss lockouts for several bosses in a single instance].

Single Boss Locks
I would love for us to have single boss locks. However the way our system works right now is not compatible with this. The feature would take a decent amount of time and a lot of retro fitting to implement.

It is unlikely we’ll get to this in the near future.

Originally Posted by DAGLAR on 24th APRIL 2014

Daglar has – however – not ruled out single boss locks in the future.

No Specific PvP Dev

Daglar stated that there’s no specific PvP-only developer. Instead, those who do work on PvP – such as with itemization and the new Blighted Antechamber warfront may end up working on PvP for some task, but will also – for instance – do dungeons, chronicles, raids and quests.

No Dedicated PvP Dev
Straight up answer: There will not be a specific PvP only designer that is full time.

While we have folks that more commonly create encounters at this point in time – that is not their only responsibility. The same people can be called upon to write quests, build chronicles, make zone events, and all kinds of other stuff.

Things are often more task based than you think. If we decided we wanted to build a new warfront – that is a task. If we decided to implement a new system for PvP that is a task. Different people would probably do those tasks – and they would do those tasks as they pop up. If you want a class adjusted PvP balance wise – that’s going to be one of the guys that is specialized in using our ability system – though we occasionally go in and apply specific nerfs to abilities and let the class guys know.

Adding a new PvP feature also isn’t just a matter of having a designer doing it. Does it require engineering? Does that also take UI art? What about zone art? New animations? New VFX? Ok – toss that in the hopper of everything that needs to get done.

Originally Posted by DAGLAR on 24th APRIL 2014

So there’s no dedicated PvP developer.

Unstable Artifact Thieves Fix

Dead Simon has mentioned that those Unstable Artifact Thieves that were prone to appear underground or inside rocks will no longer do so with the next hotfix. A prime culprit before were the Unstable Artifact Thieves that would hide under the ice in Iron Pine Peak.

Unstable Artifact Thief Fix
Okay so I just finished up fixing up the squi… er thieves. The little rascals should not be trying to burrow through Telara any more. This should go live with the next Hotfix. Which will I am 99.9% certain will be this wed as usual. Let me know if you still see any misbehaving after that. Also if you have any more trouble with those nets. The planar engineers think they got all the kinks worked out.

Happy hunting.

– Simon
Originally Posted by DEAD SIMON on 24th APRIL 2014

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