Tip: Farming Lucidflower

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Tip: Lucidflower is a highly sought-after plant for high-end crafted items. It can be used to create highly useful Stellar Healing/Mana Tonics, Regal Distillate (used to create Stellar Brightsurge/Powersurge Vials), Excellent Bottles of Spellstrike/Critical Strikes and Majestic Material.

You will need the Foraging (375) profession in order to be able to forage Lucidflower nodes.

One location that has proven to be a fantastic spot to farm Lucidflower (and Frazzleweed Tufts) has been Azcu’azg Oasis in The Dendrome. There’s a very small, simple loop and the plant nodes constantly respawn all the time.

Lucidflower Farm Spot

Dendrome Azcuazg Oasis Location

Azcu’azg Oasis is located in the top-left corner of The Dendrome, the Level 60 zone found at the top of the Brevane continent in Storm Legion.

Dendrome Lucidflower Farm

The farming loop is fairly simple. Sometimes you’ll find plant nodes near the middle ‘islands’ so you can choose to farm those if you want. The nodes respawn fairly quickly and by the time you finish your short loop there will be a heap of brand new plant nodes to forage from.

There’s minimal issues with mobs as well – only in a few areas you may ‘occasionally’ bump into a mob or two that are easy to take down. They also don’t respawn all that fast either.

This farming location (if you’re alone) will get you 99 stacks of Lucidflower pretty quickly.

Note: Make sure you gather both the Lucidflower nodes as well as the Frazzleweed Tufts nodes. The way nodes work, if you end up ignoring the Frazzleweed Tufts you’ll end up finding less and less Lucidflower nodes spawning.

Tip: If your shard has more than one other person farming in this location, consider finding an anchor on a crossevents channel and going to a shard without another farmer there.

Making platinum with Lucidflowers

There’s multiple ways of making plat with the Lucidflowers (and Frazzleweed Tufts) you farm here.

Sell Lucidflower and Frazzleweed Tufts directly on AH.

Straight-forward, selling the plants themselves on the Auction House; Lucidflower and Frazzleweed Tufts are used in a variety of recipes so they are in relatively constant demand. Dailies will often require them as well.

Sell Stellar Healing and Stellar Mana Tonics (Apothecary recipes) on the AH.

Stellar Healing Tonics and Stellar Mana Tonics are created by the Apothecary Craft Profession. These potions can be created with minimal cost but usually sell for a decent price as there’s lots of players who use them both in PvE and PvP. They are especially useful and popular to use in PvP.

The Stellar Tonics require Lucidflowers whilst the Stellar Potions require Frazzleweed Tufts. Some players prefer Tonics because they regen more whilst others will prefer the Potions because they are instant instead of over-time (although they regen less hp/mp).

Create stuff with Regal Distillate or Sell on AH.

Regal Distillate is used in a variety of recipes, including Stellar Brightsurge/Powersurge/Enduring Vials, multiple types of Dyes (including Exceptional ones) and Bottles of Spellstrikes/Critical Strikes.

Selling them directly works, although you could potentially make more profit from creating the potions/dyes themselves.

Ocotillo turn-in to daily Gathering NPC.


Foraging plants gives a chance at obtaining Ocotillo. This item can be delivered to an NPC called Oorlon <Alliance Reclimation Service> in Ashora at K’Rom’s Fortress porticulum location. He gives you 15 Artisan’s Marks, 103,194 XP and 2plat 55g for handing in 10 of these per day.

Oorlon Location

Oorlon is located at (3030,6767). He also has turn-ins for the other ‘common/white’ items that you receive from foraging plants/wood, mining ore and butchering mobs.

Note: You have to have the gathering profession associated with the quest in order to obtain the quest.

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2 Comments on “Tip: Farming Lucidflower”

  1. Bob
    April 24, 2014 at 8:54 am #

    Congrats. You have now ruined the spot that you are giving tips on bc it will be over farmed now. Nicely done.

    • April 24, 2014 at 2:27 pm #

      Farming guides are a staple of MMORPGs and the Dendrome has been out for almost a year now. It’s about time to spread some of that info around, especially with 2.7 soul packs coming up and 3.0 making them all obsolete.

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