3.3GB PTS Update (April 2014)

3.3GB PTS Update Feature Image

A huge 3.3GB update was put on the PTS today, although most are inaccessible 3.0 Content data. However, a few things of note:

  • Some 3.0 Teasers.
  • Lots of UI Improvements slated for 2.7 are up on the PTS now.
  • New Referral Rewards + Ascend-a-Friend.
  • New Runic Athenaeum quests.

3.3GB Update Bar

As always, anything on the PTS is subject to change and anything mentioned below may not even make it to Live.

Table of Contents:

  • Some 3.0 Teasers
  • UI Improvements (2.7)
  • Ascend-a-Friend Rewards Update
  • Runic Athenaeum Quest Additions
  • Improved Dimension Item Mystery Box
  • Datamining

Some 3.0 Teasers

A few 3.0 teasers although no real new content to grasp at:

New Achieve Sub-Categories

New 3.0 Achievements

There’s 4 new achieve Sub-Categories found in the Achievement Window. The first three are found under Zones and are for Goboro Reef, Draumheim and Tarken Glacier which are new zones for 3.0. Are these the only zones in 3.0? Who knows – although there’s no actual achievements in any of these 3.0 achieves so they are just teasers.

The Nightmare achievement sub-category is found under Planes. It is clearly referring to the Nightmare Rifts, an achieve of which TehFrank had datamined a few months back:

Nightmare Rift Achieve Datamine

Goboro Reef Zone Event

Flame Wave Zone Event Goboro Reef

Whilst on the PTS a new zone event popped for Goboro Reef called Flame Wave involving fighting off the Bloodfire Hordes. So, clearly, the Bloodfire will be involved with 3.0 as well.

Goboro Reef is one of the zones in 3.0 and was mentioned in the 3.0 Plane of Water Image as a possible starting zone for 60s and a guide towards a ‘lighthouse’ that would guide players to the other zones.

Unfortunately as the 3.0 content is locked off and only accessible by internal Alpha testers at the moment there is no further information on this zone event.

Stage of 3.0 Testing

MikeD posted on the Rift Forums that 3.0 is still under alpha testing with only internal (Trion) employees currently testing. However, “that will be changing soon”. [r]

“Also, to clarify the 3.0 Alpha testing situation: there are no external (non-Trion) testers at this time, but that will be changing soon. Stay tuned.”

[You can find more 3.0 content information here]

UI Improvements (2.7)

There’s a whole bunch of UI Improvements for Patch 2.7. Most of these have been gone over by Gingers on the April 11th Livestream but some – like the macro UI changes – haven’t.

Macro UI Improvement

Macro UI Improvements

The macro UI has had a very nice overhaul. The window is much bigger now and acts kind of like the bank UI.

  • Categories: There’s 8x Category tabs on the side that hold 20 macro slots each. You can name the Categories anything you like (say, “DPS”, “Heals”, “Inquisitor”).
  • Moveable Macros: Each macro can be moved with drag-n-drop within the category and amongst the various categories. Just drag the macro icon to where you want it.
  • Copy Macros: You can copy macros by SHIFT+dragging the Macro Icon you want to copy to a new slot.

Warning: Right now on the PTS moving around macros will affect your action bars. If you – say – switch Macro X with Macro Y then any specs which has Macro X in an action bar will be switched with Macro Y. Hopefully this is unintended.

Update: 04.28.14 – The macro movement issues are unintended. [r]

Crafting UI Improvement

Crafting UI Improvement

There’s new Crafting UI improvements coming to Patch 2.7 as well that are up on the PTS to play around with.

  • Collapse/Expand All: You can now Collapse or Expand all recipe categories.
  • Memory: The crafting window will now remember which categories you have collapsed or expanded so the next time you open the window it will be in the position you left it.
  • Hide Trivial Recipes: A small checkbox at the top will allow you to hide all gray recipes.

Achievement UI Improvements

Achieve UI Search

The Achievement UI has been given a Search feature as well as Achievement Tracking.

  • Achievement Searching: Start typing letters into the Search bar in the top-left of the Achievement window and it will start showing matching achievements. You can do this per-category or for the all.
  • Achievement Tracking: clicking on the radio (circle) button in the top-right corner of an achievement will track it in the same way Quests are tracked.

Note: Quests and Achievements share the same tracker sticky and up to 10 stickies.

Wardrobe Expansion

Wardrobe Expansion

Wardrobe slots have been expanded from 19 to 39 (+ original armor slot).

Quest Item Expansion

Quest Item Expansion

The number of Quest Item Slots you have available to you has been increased from 20 to 40. This can be found in your Quest Log Window (default key “L“) and are where all your quest items are stored (unless they’re maxed in which case they spill over to your inventory).

This item expansion should be especially helpful to Crafters.

Preview Items Improvement

Preview Item Improvement

Your personal Preview Items window has been improved with the addition of the ‘Previewed Items’ UI component that exists in the Rift Store Window. You will now be able to preview gear on the AH whilst also simultaneously previewing various dyes (previously opening the Rift Store would close the AH, making you unable to preview items on the AH alongside dyes).

Porticulum Improvements

Porticulum Improvements

The Porticulum Master now offers better navigation between Mathosia and Storm Legion. When you click on either the Mathosia or Storm Legion continents mini-map it will display the main map with all the porticulums for that continent but will also maintain the mini-map in the bottom-left so that you can easily switch between the two world maps.

Unfortunately this feature hasn’t been added to the main, non-porticulum map. Such a feature would have been very useful for players searching for zone events on both continents – or for players needing to link a location on the other world map.

Ascend-a-Friend Rewards Update

New Ascend A Friend UI

Ascend-a-Friend is getting a rewards update! Unknown ETA, but there’s now an entire Referral Rewards category of the Rift Store with a bunch of fluff items bought with Referral Coins gained from referring players to Rift and meeting certain criteria.

As per the above image, you earn Referral Coins by referring players with the code provided in your Ascend-a-Friend window. When they buy Credit packs in-game, you earn Referral Coins.

It is unknown how much Referral Coins you gain for each Credit pack your referrals buy, but given the cost of Referral Rewards, it could potentially be on a 1-for-1 basis.

Ascend a Friend Mini Menu

The Ascend-a-Friend window can be accessed by clicking on the Speech-bubble Icon on your mini menu-bar in-game.

Referral Rewards

Referall Rewards Category

There’s a new category in the Rift Store called Referral Rewards which require Referral Coins (“RC”) gained when your referrals purchase Credit packs.

Interestingly there’s a “REX” category in the filters but there’s none yet in the window. Could this potentially mean you could buy REX with Referral Rewards in the future? Something to keep an eye out for.

Companion Pets

Referral Rewards - Pets

There’s currently two companion pets, Succulent Lamb and Courage for 1,000 RC and 3,000 RC respectively. Courage is from the original Ascend-a-Friend rewards, but Succulent Lamb is new.

Supply Crates

Referral Rewards Gear

Bought everything and run out of stuff to get but still earning Referral Coins? There’s Budgie Supply Crates (Bound to Account too) for 550 RC. These contain a chance at equipment, potions, runes, currency, fluff, Rift Store -> Service items and a very rare chance at a Tropical Budgie Mount.


Referral Rewards Costume

There’s multiple costumes available for Referral Coins. The capes are all originally from Storm Legion pre-order bonuses with different stores and regions providing a different cape. The Trailblazer’s Hat is also part of the old Ascend-a-Friend rewards.

Each of these cost 500 RC except the Trailblazer’s Hat which costs 1,500 RC.


Referral Reward Mounts

The Rumble and Typhoon mounts cost 3,000 RCs; the Ember Steed costs 4,500 RCs and the Void Nebula is currently not for purchase.

  • The Rumble mount looks exactly the same as the Landslide mount that was given as part of the Storm Chaser Edition (1-year Subscription + Storm Legion deal) that was offered prior to F2P.
  • The Typhoon mount looks exactly the same as the Cyclone mount that was given as part of the Storm Legion Infinity Upgrade Pack.
  • The Ember Steed mount is one of the old Ascend-a-Friend rewards.
  • The Void Nebula mount is the only new mount which is a re-skin of the Aurora and Nebula mounts. The ‘background skin’ looks like a moving, purple gas cloud or miasma.

Runic Athenaeum Quest Additions

2.7 Soul Quests

New quests have appeared in the Runic Athenaeum on top of the soul quests and other lore quests already up in the Runic Athenaeum (but not up on Live) that are slated to come out throughout the 2.7 release cycle.

There’s four new quests that relate to the four new 2.7 Souls: Oracle, Arbiter, Liberator and Physician.

2.7 Soul Capes

These quests reward the related soul’s cape (thanks to Notadastra for finding and linking these on the PTS). They are costume pieces so only have Resist All + 1.

RIFT 2.7 Soul Capes

It is unknown whether you’ll be able to participate in all four quests on a single character like you can on the PTS so it could be possible that you’ll need to do the quest on each Calling to get them all. Still, even if that’s the case, they are Bind on Account.

Achievement: Harmony of Heroes

RIFT Harmony of Heroes Achievement

There’s also a new achievement found under Achieves -> Planes. It requires you to close 200 Hero’s Unrest rifts in Mathosia, Brevane or Dusken. Hero’s Unrest rifts are coming with Patch 2.7 and are a bunch of rifts (one per Plane) with Lures bought in Rift Store -> Lures.

The achieve rewards the suffix title: “The Arbiter of Heroes”.

Interestingly, these must provide XP to you and you must not be mentored (most of these types of achieves required you to mentor for lower-level content).

Improved Dimension Item Mystery Box

Improved Dimension Item Mystery Box

There’s now an Improved Dimension Item Mystery Box with approximately 200 new dimension items for its loot table – approx. 90 of which are completely unique to the box itself.

These cost 180 Credits (162 for Patrons) each and contains 6 or more dimension items. There’s also a bundle that contains 11 boxes for 1,800 Credits (1,620 for Patrons). On the PTS they are available alongside the old Dimension Item Mystery Boxes and are the same price.

Faratha showed off 3 of the items available in the boxes during the 25th April 2014 Livestream.


Huge datamining was done by TehFrank and we’ve pulled together a whole range of images including new Horrors, Ngithmare Rifts and 3.0 Maps.

You can check them all out here.

That’s all we’ve found from the PTS Update that is currently accessible by the players. Stay tuned for TehFrank’s datamining which will hopefully shed some more light on the other portions of the update.

Also, just a reminder that MikeD has stated that currently there are only Trion employees testing 3.0 Alpha. This will be changing so keep your eyes and ears peeled:

“Also, to clarify the 3.0 Alpha testing situation: there are no external (non-Trion) testers at this time, but that will be changing soon. Stay tuned.”

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  1. tagain
    April 26, 2014 at 12:33 am #

    Arbiter’s Cape looks much better than the others.

    • April 26, 2014 at 12:34 am #

      Agreed! Although I don’t mind the bottom-half of the Liberator cape. Feels like I can combine a nice outfit with it.


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