Livestream Summary: 25th April 2014

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Trion had their 25th April 2014 Friday Livestream Extravaganza where they showed off some new dimension items, the Obsidian Ki Rin mount, talked about lore and shared some information on 2.7 and briefly, 3.0.

Click here for a replay of the 25th April Friday Livestream Extravaganza video on


  • 3.0 Information
  • 2.7 Information
  • New Dimension Items
  • Obsidian Ki Rin Mount
  • Lore-based Information

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Trion had their 25th April 2014 Friday Livestream Extravaganza with Livestreamer “Cole”, Senior Systems Designer Lisa “Faratha” Boleyn, Senior Game Designer Nicholas “Captain Cursor” McDowell and Game Director Bill “Daglar” Fisher.

As always, everything can be subject to change prior to the content hitting Live.

3.0 Information

Just a quick heads-up first; the marketing for RIFT 3.0 will be starting up soon – “relatively soon, not quite yet” – Daglar.

In terms of underwater content, Captain Cursor mentioned that there will be underwater content but they’ve found through their Songs of Dream (Ember Isle Underwater Content) addition that players like underwater content, but not when it is all underwater.

Thus 3.0 will have underwater content but you won’t be constantly underwater.

2.7 Information

2.7 Soul Pack Cost

First up, no information on cost of 2.7 Soul Pack yet.

2.7 Release Date

In terms of release date, Daglar mentioned:
“2.7 is coming in May. Probably the first week, probably the 7th, but not right in stone until it is all done. But it is probably that day”.

He also mentioned that he ‘may’ have approved an e-mail telling us that Patch 2.7 would come out on the 7th May today although he isn’t quite sure if he has. [This doesn’t necessary mean we’ll get an e-mail today even if he did approve it; just that he has approved for the e-mail to go out].

[Daglar has mentioned before that it will be in the first week of May back in the 11th April Livestream. At this point it’s almost guaranteed unless delays or major bugs pulls it back.]

Soul Quests

Trion will be rolling out soul quests for each soul of each Calling at the Runic Athenaeum over the course of the 2.7 Release Cycle (so they may not all appear day 1). A new designer to the Rift Team added in these soul quests.

Two of the soul quests really feature aspects of the game that are coming in with 3.0. Also, the Liberator soul expands on the Conquest lore.

New Dimension Items

New Dimension Item Mystery Boxes

Due to popular demand, new Dimension Item Mystery Boxes will be coming in that contain 200 new items, about 90 of which are unique to the boxes.

Some things that are included are: Tents, Pavilions, Times of Day, more Plants, Stairs, Housing Items, Trees and Rocks. Also the Dwarven Statues of Hammerknell.

Faratha put up 3 of the items: Mossy Tavern, Dendrome Wall and Scaffold Elevator on the Public Test Shard (“PTS”) under Owner: Ironmike in the Anywhere dimension. To access it, go on the PTS, open the Dimensions Window (default key “[“) and in the Search tab search for “ironmike”.

Time of Day

Night and Day

There are 24 Time of Day items; one for each hour of the day. You can buy them in 3 different bundles: Noon/Night Kit, Twilight/Sunrise Kit and 24-Hour Kit. However, you will also be able to buy them individually and they will be both in the Mystery Boxes as well as for direct purchase with Platinum or Credits on the Rift Store.

So you can choose the exact type of time of day you want in your dimension.

Mossy Tavern (Assembly House)

The Assembly House in Moonshade Highlands (the main house of Three Springs) will become available as a house item called Mossy Tarvern. As with the other house items, all the individual items like chairs and candles have been removed from the house.

Assembly House 1 Assembly House 2
Assembly House 3 Assembly House 4

Dendrome Wall

Dendrome Wall

The Dendrome Wall item is what you may have seen as the wall that was up that initially sealed off The Dendrome. You can still find an example of this floating piece on the south-west-most border between Ashora and The Dendrome.

The pieces move and hover around, including the middle piece.

Scaffold Elevator

Scaffold Elevator 1

The Scaffold Elevator is another new dimension item. This one has a Lift that goes from the bottom of the main wooden platform and goes up and down a rather large distance (just like the ones you see in Scarlet Gorge). Since the lift goes below the platform, you will need to place it fairly high in your dimension if you don’t want the Lift to end up traveling below the ground.

Scaffold Elevator 2

Interestingly, if you stand on the Lift whilst it drops below the ground, your character will also go below the ground.

[Perhaps you could make a secret underground base this way without having to put up an artificial floor. In fact, since this allows you go go underground you could potentially create a large tile/platform whilst the lift is below ground, then jump on that to maintain a ‘surface’ to stand on. Then, proceed to make a base or secret underground facility or something like a giant dragon statue.

This item alone could potentially greatly expand the area that you can build in for a dimension. Now all Faratha needs to add are Lift items with much shorter travel distances to really make this work!].

Faratha mentioned that the Lift will go through anything.

Exclusive to the new Mystery Box. However you can still trade it/sell it.

Charmer’s Caldera Dimension

Conqueror Bindings of Blood

The Charmer’s Caldera Dimension is obtained from completing all four Conqueror achieves for the Tier 3 Bindings of Blood Raid encounters. This achieve will be found under Achieves -> Raids -> Bindings of Blood.

The dimension’s lava areas will damage you so it is currently the only dimension that can hurt you (since there’s no fall damage and drowning damage was removed for dimensions).

The dimension includes one Eth Temple, one Eth Temple Courtyard and deadly Lava. (all attached to the dimension itself).

New Critters

They want to add new critters to dimensions – but it’s something for the future.

Dimension Permissions

Dimension Permissions such as a separate Dimensions Friend/Ignore List that allows for more customisation as to who gets to do what in your dimension is being worked on. Daglar stated that ETA was “maybe 2.8”.

Obsidian Ki Rin Mount

Obisidan Ki Rin Mount 2

The Obsidian Ki Rin Mount was shown off and during the livestream they placed it on the Live shards’ Rift Store as a Limited Time sale. It costs 3,000 Credits (2,700 for Patrons), matches your fastest mount speed and is account-wide.

Lore-based Information

Purpose of the island south-east of Tempest Bay

Possibly just a Test Island that the artists used to sculpt mountains and copy it to the main continents.  ‘Lore’ would be a “land that hasn’t been settled yet” (Captain Cursor).


Captain Cursor stated that Shi-Ming was on the other side of the globe. Daglar also mentioned stuff about the Plane of Fire making pacts with people and extra-planar entities and Captain Cursor quickly reminded us of the Shi-Ming mobs that you see in the underwater area off Ember Isle as having been summoned with the other Wanton during that quest-chain. Those demons are from the Shi-Ming lands.

“The Shi-Ming are probably not in a good state”. (Captain Cursor)

[Whether this hints at possible future content that goes into the Plane of Water and travels to Shi-Ming are unknown at this stage. Trion have teased us about Shi-Ming on several occasions now.]


Trion cannot promise that he will be appearing at the launch of 3.0 but they do have ideas of where they want to take Orphiel. They originally made Orphiel play a lot larger role in 2.0 but that was pulled back.

“We have a plan to bring him back in, we’ll see how that ‘survives'” – Captain Cursor.

[So due to scheduling or changes he may not appear. Daglar even mentioned he could potentially be killed off although from his tone it certainly didn’t seem definitive.]

Sourcestone Tech vs Empyrean Tech

In response to a channel viewer’s question about which was more bad-ass, Sourcestone or Empyrean Tech, Captain Cursor stated that “sourcestone [tech] is bad-ass because you risk your life and the survival of your world every time you turn it on…versus Empyrean Tech which is kind of ‘responsible'”.

Sourcestone tech is mostly Orphiel’s tech. – Captain Cursor.

Bindings of Blood Lore

The Bindings of Blood are the Tier 3 Raids with two of the encounters already up on Live. “It is the past although someone is trying to change it” (Captain Cursor) – it is all dealt in the lore presented in the encounters. “It is definitely the past”.


Atrophinius will not be coming with us to the Plane of Water in 3.0 because he is taking care of raising Tasuil and maintaining Hailol. However if there is an opportunity he could come back.

Greenscale Canon

A player asked which would be canon – the Greenscale raid or the Greenscale chronicle. Captain Cursor stated that both are canon. The reason? “We address this in 3.0”.


  • Fishing Crafting Rifts are not on the horizon. They wanted to do them but they got an estimate back from their engineers and with schedules it means that “not right now; maybe in the future” – Daglar.
  • Survival Rifts. “No, sorry.” – Daglar.
  • Water Mounts. Teased the idea of Water Mounts by mentioning that all mounts on Live are now classified as Land Mounts. Didn’t 100% confirm underwater mounts but we’ve already seen datamined tooltips of Water and Amphibious mounts by TehFrank as well as a Shark Mount data file.
  • Gingers wasn’t able to show the Macro UI changes this livestream.

Livestream Giveaways

During the Livestream, a handful of livestream chat channel viewers received:

  • Obsidian Ki Rin Mounts for answering quiz questions correctly.

Quote of the Stream:

“If I lose another 20 pounds and put on a lot more muscle, yes I will appear on this stream shirtless”. – Daglar

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