3.3GB PTS Datamining by TehFrank

3.3GB PTS Update Datamined Feature Image

The PTS was recently updated with a 3.3GB update. Most of the additions are 3.0 content that is currently inaccessible to players. You can check our article on all the new additions to the PTS that are accessible to us here.

TehFrank on the Rift Forums has datamined the most recent patch and we’ve pulled up all the juicy models, skins and data file information – the vast majority of which relate to RIFT 3.0. Of particular note – we spent a good amount of time piecing together new mini-maps to make large maps of Goboro Reef, Draumheim and Tarken Glacier zones!

Check them out below!

Table of Contents:

  • 3.0 Content Maps
  • Goboro Reef Music
  • Goboro Reef Infinity Gate Models
  • Tarken Glacier Models
  • Glacial Maw Models
  • Nightmare Rifts/Horror Skins
  • Misc. 3.0 Models
  • New Mounts and Pet Skins
  • New Costume Skins

3.0 Content Maps

Let’s start off big. Below are 4 maps we’ve pieced together using the multitude of new mini-maps data-mined.

Note: You may see weird ‘breaks’ in-between some of the mini-maps as though they ‘don’t belong’ where they are. This is mainly because of depth – basically there’s varying mini-maps for the same location based on whether you’re above-water, in the middle area or at the ‘ground’ floor. Thus some mini-maps will look like they are cut-off and don’t belong in those sections. This is mainly because we couldn’t find the ground-floor or ‘appropriate-level’ mini-map for that section. The various sections should still be more or less correct.

Note2: The mini-maps are likely incomplete/not furbished yet and things could look different when 3.0 hits Live.

Draumheim Map

RIFT 3.0 Draum Heim MinimapThis is what we could put together for Draumheim (Dream Home) using the mini-maps. I’d advise checking out the full-sized image by clicking the above image.

This is a City Zone as Trion mentioned on the 3.0 Whiteboard and 3.0 Plane of Water Image. As such we’d guess that this isn’t simply an afk hub like Tempest Bay.

This place looks huge and could potentially contain invasions, rifts, mobs and quests throughout the city – especially if it isn’t a friendly one.

  • We know that there’s a porticulum at the Temple of Ranri – and that temple is likely the bottom-left area.
  • The palace would be the huge thing in the center. [Model]
  • All the gray stuff are houses. [Models]
  • The brown blocks are walls.
  • The green paths are structured roads.
  • The bottom-right circles look interesting. They look like Stronghold platforms but could potentially indicate some sort of power source – or perhaps a dream/nightmare farm.

Gyel Fortress Map

RIFT 3.0 Datamine Gyel Fortress Minimap

This place is potentially Gyel Fortress. However, it is more than 100% certain to be Goboro Reef and the Goboro Reef Fortress (which is potentially Gyel Fortress, but not 100% certain due to naming differences in the data files) [Model].

The center area is undeniably the ‘/goboro_reef/buildings/model/A_GR_fortress_01.ma’ file. Looks like an absolutely massive area – a massive ‘tree’ that has been turned into a fortress with an outside fort to the south.

  • The black areas are probably the datamined oil pit models.
  • This is probably all underwater although not 100% sure. The areas with ‘green cliffs’ are likely underwater and those with ‘brown cliffs’ could be above water. So the Fortress area may be above water whilst the lower areas with all the ‘red corals’ are likely underwater.
  • There’s a huge amount of ship wrecks in the area.
  • The ‘Eth’ ruins models datamined previously seem to be located in the bottom-right of the map.
  • There’s a huge dev-marker ‘arrow’ on the ground in the bottom-right. We saw these huge markings by the devs back during open beta of Storm Legion. No idea what it means – but perhaps it indicated our starting point since that is also where a ton of shipwrecks are located. Perhaps the Infinity Gate will teleport us to that location.
  • The Circles are possibly locations for sourcewells/onslaughts/main footholds.
  • Top-right is the start of Tarken Glacier.

The place kind of reminds me of Shipwreck Cove in Pirates of the Caribbean.

Tarken Glacier Map #1

RIFT 3.0 Datamine Tarken Glacier Map 1

The first Tarken Glacier Map we were able to put together seems to have a small port which is probably how you will be able to get to the Tarkan Glacier zone initially.

  • The port is walled-off. There seems to be ice bridges above the town though.
  • You can see some of the bone structures in the top-left.

This map is rather limited as there was not enough mini-maps to complete any other part of this map.

Tarken Glacier Map #2

RIFT 3.0 Datamine Tarken Glacier 1Another Tarken Glacier Map. This is either connected to the other map or on a separate ‘island’.

  • There’s a temple or some kind of building to the south.
  • The north looks like the opening to a cave. Perhaps the Glacial Maw dungeon. Although that could be the frozen lake creature itself.
  • The middle area has what definitely looks like a massive, frozen lake creature. This could potentially be the ‘Glacial Maw’ dungeon – especially since the Glacial Maw models are winding.

Just as a refresher, here’s what the Lake Creature looks like:

Datamine 3.0 Lake Creature

Initially it was assumed this was an actual creature – but the mini-map compilation above makes it look like this creature is clearly frozen. The middle part is likely an entrance – perhaps a dungeon or quest-chain is within the inside of this creature.

It could also potentially be a massive zone event boss like Volan. Or perhaps there’s more than one of these creatures – and the one on the mini-map compilation is just a frozen one.

Other Interesting Mini-Maps

3.0 Datamine Other Interesting Minimaps

There’s also two rather interesting maps/mini-maps. One of them looks as though it’s a 4-way port with gates surrounding what looks like some nasty in the middle.

The map is dotted with what looks like death spines. It could be possible that the Akvan are slumbering in the middle and some civilization built a defensive system around the area that has since been overrun by the Plane of Death.

The middle ‘mouths’ could also be Atragarian Wells due to how they could potentially look like from above, based on the models that were datamined.

There’s also another mini-map with what looks like an oil platform some ways out to sea.

Goboro Reef Music

TehFrank was able to datamine what looks to be Goboro Reef music. However, TehFrank has noted that the music probably won’t be as-is in-game due to variations in length, looping/etc.

You can download the music here.

Goboro Reef Infinity Gate Models

Goboro Reef Infinity Gate

There are Goboro Reef Infinity Gate models. This likely means we’ll be using the Infinity Gate to arrive at Goboro Reef, one of the 3.0 zones.

Tarken Glacier Models

There’s a few additions to the Tarken Glacier zone models – mainly just icebergs, ice cliffs and some glacial spikes with bones.

Glacial Maw Models

There’s new models for a Glacial Maw dungeon. There’s not much that can be seen – except that the dungeon is likely underground and found in the Tarken Glacier zone.

Some of the data files include:

  • assets/map/glacial_maw/glacial_mawgamedata_0.pak
  • assets/map/glacial_maw/glacial_mawgeometry_0.pak
  • assets/map/glacial_maw/glacial_mawphysics_0.pak

This dungeon could actually be the Lake Creature [Model]. The winding tunnels and the whole ‘maw’ name would kind of work well with the frozen Lake Creature. That could potentially mean that all those ‘stringy’ items in the Glacial Maw dungeon are in fact frozen tendons.

Nightmare Rift/Horror Skins

Horrors are horrible. These guys seem to be part of Nightmare Rifts although they could appear elsewhere. There’s hands, random protrusions filled with bulking eyes, floating eyes, floating heads and tongues.

They looks nasty. Above are some of the models as well as skins for these horrors.

Misc 3.0 Models

A few other new, misc. models and interesting other tidbits.

  • Pregnant Statue: Statues with a pregnant woman/sea-creature. These appear on some temple buildings in Draum Heim. Perhaps this is how dreams/nightmares are ‘birthed’ into reality.
  • Misc Models 1-3: Misc models including swords, a duck critter, a white squirrel mount, jelly fish and bits of architecture.
  • Architectures: Pieces of architecture – two of which have female faces.
  • More Patterns: Just a collection of some of the other patterns. Looks like Goboro Reef – at least – will be quite colorful.

3.0 Datamine Interesting Data File Names 2

There’s also some interesting data file names attached to Rifts – there seems to be both a Dream and Nightmare aura for Rifts. We know there’s Nightmare Rifts – but could there potentially be new ‘Dream’ Rifts as well?

Other Interesting Tidbits Datamine Files

TehFrank also posted the above file names.

  • Rhen of Fate: Perhaps another messenger of the Goddess of Fate. It says TM_SLV so it seems to be a sliver – either an actual Sliver (10-man Raid) or perhaps a new Chronicle.
  • Return to Empyrean Core/Iron Tomb: Probably Level 65 Expert Dungeons that are refurbished from the old dungeons of the same namesake on a similar line to Return to Deepstrike and Realm of Twisted Dreams.

There’s also information about a Hellbug Turret – there’s also a skin – shown below – which is basically the Hellbug Turrets you see in Defiance. The turret looks well-suited to be next to the Horrors in the Nightmare Rifts; but these turrets could also point to new Hellbug Rifts.

RIFT Datamine Hellbug Turret Skin

New Mounts and Pets Models

There’s a few skins for what looks like mounts and companion pets.

  • Wolf Mount: It looks like a Wolf mount skin, although it could be a Ram. The bottom-left blue markings could actually mean it’s a Fox – like one of those Japanese Spirit/Mythological Foxes – Kitsunes.
  • Wolf Skin: This is probably a different skin of the Wolf Mount. Again the blue markings actually make it seem more like a Kitsune.
  • Fox Pets Skins: Looks to be a bunch of fox companion pet skins. That said, there’s already a whole bunch of fox skins in-game so either these are different – or old models.
  • Hippo Mount?: Really no clue, but the creature looks dinosaur/hippo-ish.

New Costume Skins

There’s a bunch of new costume skins:

  • Butler Outfit: As Marigold promised, there’s new Butler outfits that include a Male and Female version.
  • Butler Outfit Vest: There seems to be two versions – a Suit version and a Vest version of the Butler outfit bundle.
  • Fisherman Outfit: What can only be assumed to a fisherman’s outfit. Or maybe a First Mate of a ship.
  • Deathbound Steel Bundle: The collection of skins here seems very similar to the set of skins associated with the Lifebound Steel Bundle. As such, this is likely the Deathbound Steel Bundle.
  • Dark Skin: Not exactly sure if this is actually an outfit; but it uses a ton of pieces in a similar fashion to the Deathbound/Lifebound Steel Bundle skins. It might be a new mob or combat pet skin.
  • New Capes: A handful of new capes – Trove, Glyph, ‘Frost’-based, Horror-based and Mermaid/Plane of Water-based.

That’s all for this update! Some very exciting stuff here – can’t wait for more updates!
If you’re interested, check out these other posts:

  • 3.0 Datamining – A previous set of 3.0 datamining with a ton of building, architecture and even some mob models as well as a variety of skins.
  • 3.3GB PTS Update – Information on the non-datamining side of the 3.3GB PTS Update that hit on 25th April 2014.

Thanks to TehFrank for datamining the files for this 3.3GB update!

(now I’m going to take a well-deserved rest. Finding the right ‘pieces’ within all the mini-map files to create those combined maps was a real pain).

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  1. April 27, 2014 at 10:23 am #

    Lots of interesting stuff start to show up. Great job from the data miners and you ofcourse for putting all the stuff here 🙂


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