Additional UI improvements for 2.7

Additional UI Improvements Feature Image

On top of the various UI improvements that have already been mentioned in our 3.3GB PTS Update (non-datamine version) article, Senior UI Artist Gingers has included a few other UI improvements:

  • World Event UI will have a shortcut that will take you directly to related achievements in the Achievement Window. The World Event Tracker will also show the starting location of any quests related to the World Event in purple on your map.
  • Bank Vaults can now be renamed.
  • Rift Store Look-up Feature. When you preview other players’ items you can press CTRL+F to find the item on the Rift Store (if applicable).

[Source: Gingers]

Bank Vaults Renaming

Bank Vault Renaming

Renaming of Bank Vaults! Not a huge addition, but welcome.

[Would love Vaults 2+ to actually have bag slots like Vault 1. Now that would be a huge addition.]

Rift Store Look-Up Feature

Reverse Look-up Feature

There’s now a new Rift Store Look-Up Feature on the PTS. This feature allows you to press CTRL+F whilst hovering over an item on another character and it will bring up the Rift Store with that item highlighted.

The feature only works on items that are available on the Rift Store but it should help players quickly find upgrade pieces that they see whilst inspecting other players – or wardrobe pieces they are interested in.

Reverse Look-up Feature Keybind

Default key is CTRL+F but if you already are using that keybind for something else then the Rift Store Look-Up keybind will be unbound. You will need to re-bind it to a new key by pressing your ESC key -> Keybindings -> UI Toggles -> Bag Search / Rift Store Look-Up.

Look forward to these UI improvements as well as the ones mentioned previously.

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