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It’s speculation time! Topic at hand:

Patch 2.7 launch and the effect of the new Mage Tank soul, Arbiter to the Rift economy via crafting.

  • Potential profit stocking up craft mats that Mage Tank crafted gear would require (if they become available).
  • If you’re planning on selling Coruscating Ethereal Shards, Infinity Cauldrons or Dreaming Stars – it may be better to do so in the weeks after Patch 2.7.

Everything below is pure speculation and the events predicted below may not actually occur. I am not responsible should the items speculated below prove incorrect.

tl;dr at the bottom.

Mage Tank – Arbiter

The biggest difference between pre-2.7 and Patch 2.7 (slated for May 7th) will be with the new Mage Tank soul, Arbiter.

Will there be crafted Mage Tank gear?

I doubt there wouldn’t be – if not with Patch 2.7 release than definitely later down the road – why would there be gear for every other Calling’s roles but not for Mage Tank?

If they introduce a whole set of crafting gear on similar lines to all other Callings’ Tank gear, we’ll probably see significant boost in demand for a large variety of craft mats.

Mage Tank Recipes

First up, stock up on Grandmaster Craftsman, Master Craftsman and Artisan Marks. That shouldn’t hurt your bottom line even if they don’t give new crafted mage tank gear.

If they do give new crafted gear, high initial demand could see you profiting from high volume, tipping or just increased prices whilst other players scramble to get enough marks – after the fact – to buy recipes.

As we’ve seen with the introduction of Seals pre-SL and with the Dream Weaving Profession in 2.6, significant profit can arise from being early (or lucky, in the case of Relic Cape recipes).

Increased demand for Cloth

Mage gear uses Cloth and this should be no different for a Mage Tank when you look at how other Callings’ Tank specs work so we are likely to see increased demand for Lanzan Cloth, Chiffon Cloth and Empyrean Silk.

Cloth-based items are made by the Outfitter profession.

Increased demand for Ores

Mage tanks will require Mage Tank Rings. If we look at other Callings, their Rings have had similar ingredient costs between DPS and Tank.

The Luminous Chrysoprase Treasure (Mage DPS Ring) recipe requires:

  • 9x Karthite Bar
  • 8x Rhenium Bar
  • 4x Chrysoprase
  • 4x Rosin Flux (vendor mat)

As such, the crafted +53 HIT Mage Tank Ring will likely have similar mats (if it exists). Karthite and Rhenium Bars as well as Chrysoprase could well increase in price.

Spiteful Resurgence/Rapid Resurgence

Mage Tanks will probably want a Rapid Resurgence or Spiteful Resurgence Seal.

The Seal recipes are available via the Armorsmithing profession.

Rugged Augment

If Mage Tank crafted gear exists, there will be a huge increase in demand for Rugged Augment (the +END augment) unless they would benefit more from a new END+INT augment (if it exists).

The Rugged Augment recipes are available via the Apothecary profession.

If you want to be prudent – it is probably better to gather the base materials and hold onto those. If mage tanks require Rugged Augments, then you can make them or sell the primary or secondary mats. If not, no harm no foul – you can still sell the primary mats to players who require them for other uses.

Market movement for expensive craft materials

Players may have noticed a drop in price for Dreaming Stars, Coruscating Ethereal Shards and Infinity Cauldrons.

  • Dreaming Star prices have dropped due to lockboxes and a large part of the market being decked out in Lustrous runes for a while now.
  • Coruscating Ethereal Shards took a dip after an initial surge from the introducation of the Dream Weaving Profession because of excess Empyreal Slayer’s Marks stocked up and then drawn down after Trion announced Tier 3 would have its own separate currency.
  • Infinity Cauldrons have taken a dip over time as more and more of the player base have gotten or out-geared crafted gear and bought up their Torvan Essences (leaving them with a large stock of Infinity Stones).

These could all be making at least a slight come-back in price when the Mage Tank soul hits. Reasons:

  • A variety of crafted Tank gear will likely require Infinity Cauldrons and Coruscating Ethereal Shards.
  • Mages will want to outfit their new Tank gear with either new Mage tank runes or general tank runes. Lustrous runes require Dreaming Stars.
  • Mages will want to outfit their new Tank gear with Greater Dream Orbs that require Coruscating Ethereal Shards.

You may think – well, why won’t the mages use their own currency for Coruscating Ethereal Shards and Infinity Cauldrons? They should have larger stocks than the rest of the player base because they’ve had one less gear set to buy all this time prior to their mage tank soul, right?

Perhaps not.

A lot of mages would have profited from not having the option to purchase a tank set prior to 2.7 by buying Coruscating Ethereal Shards with Empyreal Slayer’s Marks and Infinity Cauldrons with Infinity Stones to sell on the AH. However, this may bite them when 2.7 hits because they may find themselves with low stocks of Infinity Stones and Empyreal Slayer’s Marks that would be used to purchase Word Tank Gear, Expert Tank Gear and Tier 1 Raid Tank Gear.

Thus the mages who are interested in tanking will likely have to spend their Empyreal Slayer’s Marks and Infinity Stones on World/Expert/Tier 1 Tank gear + Tank Essences and will likely be unable to spare any currency to convert to Coruscating Ethereal Shards and Infinity Stones. They will thus have to purchase them from other players.


There’s a whole bunch of reasons why the speculation above could prove wrong that you should be wary of. Take these into consideration when prepping for Patch 2.7.

  • Since the new souls cost Credits:
    • Some players may be low on platinum and will therefore be unable to afford to pay high costs for mats/crafted gear. They’ve probably spent a large chunk of platinum on purchasing enough REX to get the soul.
    • Not every Mage will have the Arbiter soul. Not every Mage even wants to tank. Demand will thus be tempered by this.
    • Some players may require a few weeks to farm enough platinum to pay for the new soul. This will temper demand.
  • Trion may decide not to release crafted gear for Mage Tanks (for some odd reason).
  • The number of would-be Mage tanks who have prudently saved up their marks will affect demand (and thus prices) of mats.
  • Prudent would-be Mages could potentially skip crafted gear almost entirely by purchasing Expert or Tier 1 Raid gear with their stocked up currency. However, they would still likely need to purchase at least one Ring, a Seal, Runes and Dream Orbs.


  • Mage Tank Soul is coming out in Patch 2.7 (slated for May 7th). If new Mage Tank Crafted gear appears there will be increased demand (and thus prices) for the mats that they will require.
  • Stock up on Grandmaster Craftsman, Master Craftsman and Artisan Marks for recipes.
  • Stock up on Storm Legion Cloth mats: Lanzan Cloth, Chiffon Cloth, Empyrean Silk.
  • Stock up on Storm Legion Ore mats: Gantimite Ore, Karthite Ore, Rhenium Ore; Chrysoprase; Sphalerite.
  • Even without new mage tank crafted gear – mage tanks will require enchants for their new gear and craft-only items like Seals.
  • Hold off on selling Coruscating Ethereal Shards, Infinity Cauldrons and Dreaming Stars until Patch 2.7 hits when demand for these craft materials will likely increase.

As always, everything above is pure speculation and the stuff mentioned above may never happen. Follow at own risk.

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