Locked in – May 7th for Patch 2.7

Runic Athenaeum Feature Image

We’ve been getting teasers by Daglar over the past few weeks – first that a June prediction was way off, then that it would hit in the ‘early May’ and finally that it would hit in the first week of May – but not set in stone.

Now with an official front page announcement on the RIFT website, RIFT 2.7: Bindings of Blood is officially coming out on May 7th 2014Update 05.06.14 – Patch 2.7 delayed due to major issues; unknown ETA. [r]

Trion have an article write-up with the main stuff coming to Patch 2.7 here.

Four New Souls

RIFT 2.7 Soul Capes

Patch 2.7 will introduce the four new souls Arbiter, Liberator, Physician and Oracle.

  • Arbiter is the Mage’s tank soul.
  • Liberator is the Warrior healing soul.
  • Physician is the Rogue’s healing soul.
  • Oracle is the Cleric’s support soul.

Trion have announced that you can obtain these souls via a soul pack that will cost 5,000 Credits on the Rift Store (4,500 for Patrons) when Patch 2.7 launches.

Runic Athenaeum

Runic Athenaeum Layout

There will be a whole bunch of soul quests and other Bindings of Blood-related lore quests to be obtained from the Runic Athenaeum including new capes for each new soul. Soul Quests start at Level 15 and increase in level with each quest until Level 60. Most of the other non-soul quests should be obtainable at Level 15.

There are also a whole bunch of Hero’s Unrest Rifts to summon and a new zone event in Moonshade Highlands.

The Runic Athenaeum is already up on Live – although only the first two bosses of Tier 3: Bindings of Blood raids are accessible at the moment. The soul quests are not yet up.

That said, consider heading over there and saving the Porticulum by speaking to the Porticulum Master there so you can teleport immediately to the area when patch 2.7 hits. Check out this map here for instructions on getting there.

UI Improvements

Macro UI Improvements

There’s a whole multitude of UI improvements including Macro UI changes, Crafting UI improvements, Reverse Look-Up Feature, increased Quest Item Log, increased Wardrobe Slots and Achievement searching and tracking.

You can check out screenshots and details on each of these improvements here.

Bindings of Blood: Laethys and Maelforge


The two Tier 3 Raid encounters – Bindings of Blood (“BoB”): Greenscale and BoB: Akylios were released on April 16th 2014. The two remaining raid encounters – BoB: Laethys and BoB: Maelforge will be released later down the Patch 2.7 Release Cycle (so not at launch).

When the new encounters are released they should have portals appearing in the Runic Athenaeum.

Blighted Antechamber – New Warfront


A new warfront is coming out  in the Patch 2.7 Release Cycle (so not at launch) called Blighted Antechamber which is located in the room before Greenscale.

It has both point-scoring as with normal domination maps involving taking over key points as well as a Capture-The-Flag (“CTF”) style flag/stone that you steal from your enemy and bring back to your base.

The warfront has a maze layout with ‘fan’ jump-pads that take you to the central, raised platform in the middle.

Hellbugs Promotion

RIFT Datamine Hellbug Turret Skin

There is a hellbug promotion to cross-promote the launch of Season 2 of Defiance (Trion’s MMOFPS title). This will likely be in the form of either a Promo Week or World Event.

Given TehFrank’s recent datamine it wouldn’t be too farfetched to see at least one new type of Hellbug Rift that uses the Hellbug Turret skin that was found in the PTS data files. Perhaps even a zone event.

Unicorn Celebration

Trion 2.7 article has a “Unicorn Celebration” component to it where we aid a bunch of unicorns. Interestingly it seems there may even be a mount involved: “Who knows, if you are pure in heart you may even have a chance to ride one of them!” [r].

Sounds highly like a Rift Store Promo Week so you will probably see some daily quests that give some Unicorn-based currency used to purchase a Unicorn mount as well as lockboxes that give a rare chance at a Unicorn mount.


The page also mentions Summerfest, which is the annual World Event that occurs during the Summer. During Summerfest there will be a wide range of quests to obtain from Sanctum, Meridian and Tempest Bay. As with all World Events you will get to purchase new costume pieces, some gear and other fluff items throughout the event using event currency and/or Credits.

Look forward to Summerfest! If past Summerfests are any indication, the World Event should begin around June.

Trion have an article write-up with the main stuff coming to Patch 2.7 here.

If you’re interested in more information on what is coming with the patch, check out:


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