Blighted Antechamber Warfront Playtest 05/02/14

Blighted Antechamber Playtest Featured Image

Dev Kerilar has posted information about a playtest for the new Blighted Antechamber Warfront that is coming out during the Patch 2.7 Release Cycle. The playtest will occur at:

  • 2:45PM PDT/9:45PM GMT on 2nd May 2014. This is right after Trion’s Friday Livestream and will last ~1 hour.
  • Will be held on the Public Test Shard. [Guide to PTS]

You can check out more information and provide feedback on the map after the playtest here. If you want an overview of what the Warfront is about before testing it out, click below.


The Blighted Antechamber is a new Warfront that mixes in Capture-the-Flag and Domination objectives in a hedge-maze map.

  • At present it is only for Level 60+.
  • It is a 15 vs 15 match.
  • Has 3 Control Points and 2 Flags.
  • Hitting 1,000 Points wins the match.
  • There’s a central platform, winding ramp, maze and jump pads.

Control Points

Blighted Antechamber Objectives

Control Points act like any other Control Points in RIFT Warfronts – you capture them by clicking on them and then they’ll count-down a few seconds before turning to your team’s color. They will then generate points for you.

Minimap Blighted Antechamber

Control Points are: The Spire, The Cul-de-sac and The Blind Alley. They are placed in a diagonal line across the map. One close to each faction on the ground floor and the other on the central, raised platform at “The Spire”.

The Spire

The Spire is the central platform where the main control point lies. It is a relatively large platform with the control point in the middle.

You can access The Spire either by walking up the long, winding ramp on its side (prone to knockbacks/etc) or via the jump pads that are located all around the sides of the bottom floor.

The Blighted Antechamber Jump Pad

These jump pads will put you either onto the platform itself or onto the top-half of the ramp that leads up to the The Spire.


The Blighted Antechamber Flag

There are two flags that you can pick up. They appear as sourcestones on the player’s back and will show up both on the mini-map and on the objective score just like in Whitefall Steppes, Karthan Ridge and Runemaster’s Library.

Blighted Antechamber Neutral Flag

The flags are located near each base. The flags were borked during previous testing so they didn’t really do anything. Either you need to hold onto the flags for point gain or turn them in to your own side.

See you all at 2:45PM PDT/9:45PM GMT on 2nd May 2014 for the Blighted Antechamber Warfront PTS Playtest!

  • Will be held on the Public Test Shard. [Guide to PTS]
  • You can check out more information and provide feedback on the map after the playtest here.

If you need PvP gear, there ‘may’ be a Fluffy NPC that will be available next to Sanctum and Meridian Porticulums on the PTS. (usually they have one there, but not always).

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