Small PTS Update – Butler’s Bundle, Warfront Announcers

Butler's Outfit Feature Image

The Public Test Shard (“PTS”) was updated with a small 67MB update today with a non-purchaseable Dream Soul Pack (2.7 Soul Pack), Warfront Announcers and the Butler’s Bundle. (Still no Mage Tank Gear on Rift Store or Recipes).

Dream Soul Pack

Dream Soul Pack Unpriced

The Dream Soul Pack that includes the new Liberator, Physician, Oracle and Arbiter souls is up on the PTS but without a price. As stated in the tooltip, it is automatically applied upon purchase (although if the Storm Legion Soul Pack is anything to go by, you may need to log out and log back in).

This is found under Rift Store -> Services on the PTS.

Although there’s no price on the PTS, Daglar has already revealed that it costs 5,000 Credits (4,500 for Patrons). [r]

Presets and Character Create

Dream Soul Packs Callings

The Character Create has also been updated to include the fact that each calling can now do all 4 roles: Tank, Healer, Damage, Support.

Dream Soul Pack Presets 1

There’s also new presets shown during the character create – although there’s only one for Clerics and Mages. The Warrior and Rogue ones will likely be added in later.

Warfront Announcers

Warfront Announcers

The Warfront Announcers are new consumables that will unlock an additional Warfront announcer that is applied to your entire account. These cost 500 Credits (450 for Patrons) each and are found under Rift Store -> Services and Rift Store -> PvP.

These will basically allow you to change the voice of the warfront announcer (for stuff like “Juggernaut”, “Invincible”, “First Blood”/etc).

Butler’s Bundle

RIFT Butler's Bundle

The Butler’s skin that was datamined recently by TehFrank is now up on the Rift Store on the PTS at Rift Store -> Wardrobe for 1,800 Credits (1,620 for Patrons).

The bundle comes with the chest, legs and feet pieces.

Interestingly the Chest piece covers the entire jacket + pants whilst the Leg piece is the same item for Males. However, for Females, the Leg piece is different from the Chest piece (which covers both the Jacket and Pants). The Leg piece seems to be shinier as though it’s made of latex.

The Male version’s Chest-Pants + Pants are the same. No latex for you!


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One Comment on “Small PTS Update – Butler’s Bundle, Warfront Announcers”

  1. May 3, 2014 at 12:48 pm #

    +1 for warfront announcers at a reasonable price
    +1 for unisex suit costumes

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