Last minute 2.7 Soul Changes

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Class devs Vladd and Kervik have posted a few last-minute 2.7 soul changes prior to their release on May 7th next week. These will go out with the next PTS update.

Liberator Changes

Vladd posted a large variety of Warrior Liberator changes and apologized for the lack of updates over the past few weeks for the soul. Anyone interested should really hit up the PTS to test these out once the PTS has been updated given the amount of changes being made.

I’ll second this. But I’ll take some of the blame for not posting an update for the past few weeks.

First off, sorry for the silence. I’ve been getting in some last tweaks to the Liberator that I didn’t want to announce until PTS was updated with them all so you could see the entire package. The problem is that our test builds have not been cooperating so we’ve gone for some pretty long stretches over the past two weeks with bad builds. However, that’s our problem, not yours so I apologize again.

Anyway… when PTS is updated again, here will be all of the changes:

  • Swapped tiers of Redress and Aegis of Advocacy in the talent tree.
  • Adrenaline Overdrive now modifies Max HP instead of Endurance. This is an overall buff.
  • Mass Rescue is no longer a finisher.
  • Fast Relief is now a builder with a 1.5s cast time. Healing values updated accordingly.
  • Repurposed Medical Facility to now eliminate cast times on Deliverance and Fast Relief. Removes the AP cost on Deliverance. Awards 2 AP.
  • Ameliorate is now a 4s channel and the healing value has been increased.
  • Rescue and Restore now makes those healed by Ameliorate take 3/6% less damage.
  • Adjusted the position of Adrenaline Overdrive, Quick Remedy and Group Assistance. Adrenaline Overdrive is now 20 points in root, Quick Remedy is 28 and Group Assistance is 32.
  • 4 piece bonus on Liberator Synergy crystals increases healing done while Medical Facility is active.
  • Extraordinary Care is now a 50% absorb shield plus a HoT that ticks every 3 seconds for 15s.
  • Comfort Zone now affects Mass Oppression.

The purpose of these changes is to address the following concerns:

  • Too many finishers in the soul. Amount lowered from 8 to 6.
  • Lack of burst healing. Medical Facility now offers both single target and party burst healing.
  • The tree adjustments prevent deviant tank builds and offers a better flow of abilities.
  • No one liked the carry over heal on Extraordinary Care so now it functions better for expert tank healing.

After all of these changes, the only one that concerns me is that Rescue and Restore might be too good at those values compared to Redress. I might lower them down to 2/4%.

Now… with all that said… let’s get the thread back on track. No more deviating off topic. =)

Oh, and the worry about a Liberator not being able to heal an expert is not an issue. We tested it pretty thoroughly over the past 6 months and it is a viable 5 man healer. Some of the guys that have been helping can attest to it.

– Vladd

Physician Changes

Vladd posted some Rogue Physician changes for the abilities Simultaneous Treatment and Sequential Treatment.

Quick update about a change to the Physician.

Simultaneous Treatment and Sequential Treatment went through a round of tweaking over the last few weeks. How it functions now is that while the Physician has Simultaneous Treatment active, any overhealing done by their single target heals on a party/raid member put an absorb shield on the target equal to the lesser of 30% of the overhealing done or 5% of the target’s Max HP. Sequential Treatment increases the cap of the target’s Max HP by 5/10%.

A version of this is currently up on PTS but it has some issues with it (pointed out by Adastra). However, next PTS update will have a more accurate version. The current one double dips on bonuses so it’s a little too good. =)

– Vladd

Oracle Changes

Kervik posted a Cleric Oracle fix so that Insignia of Protection does not proc Tainted Emblems.

Wanted to let you all know that I’ve fix Tainted Emblems so Insignia of Protection will not proc it. You should be able to cast it as expected again once this hits PTS (will be included with 2.7 as well).

– Kervik

You can check out the last minute changes to these souls on the Public Test Shard (“PTS”). Click here for an explanation of how to get on the Public Test Shard and how to obtain the 2.7 Soul Pack.

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