Winners announced for Rift: Concept Contest!

RIFT Concept Art Contest Feature Image

Trion have announced the winners of the Rift: Concept Weapons and Cloaks! Contest that was held between 2nd April to 23rd April 2014.

Update 05.06.14 – youssef 2000’s entry has been removed and the 3rd Place and Runner Up entries have been shifted to 2nd Place and 3rd Place. No new Runner Up.Update 05.02.14 – Looks like the submission by the 2nd Place winner for the Swords Category youssef 2000 is in fact stolen artwork from Artist Wen-M. Even if the submission is by Wen-M, the rules state that old works are not allowed. As such this submission will likely be removed with prize forfeited.

There hasn’t been an official word about this from Trion although we’ll probably hear back from them in the next 24hrs about this. Whether a new 2nd Place winner is announced (or the current standings shifted up with a new Runner Up) is unknown at this stage.

Congratulations to the following players:

Swords Category:

  • Grand Prize: Zyrenyt
  • Second Place: Artur
  • Third Place: jadhug

Staves Category:

      • Grand Prize: Likatnes
      • Second Place: Amaradelmorann
      • Third Place: Mazzarah
      • Runners-up: Good Salonius and Mazzarah

Cloak Category:

      • Grand Prize: Koldir
      • Second Place: bobgarner
      • Third Place: Eiphis
      • Runners-up: BeaP, Zyrenyti, Fioli and Maximus Baldelus

Look forward to these item models coming in-game!


The following is what each of the above winners won:

Grand Prize Winner

      • “The Concept King” in-game title
      • 37,000 RIFT Credits
      • 1 Mount of your choice from the RIFT Store.
      • 3 Radiant Infinity Cells
      • 30-day Patron Pass
      • 20 Costume Versions of your creation

Second Place Winner

      • “The Concept King” in-game title
      • 27,000 RIFT Credits
      • 1 Mount of your choice from the RIFT Store.
      • 2 Radiant Infinity Cells
      • 30-day Patron Pass
      • 15 Costume Versions of your creation

Third Prize

      • “The Concept King” in-game title
      • 18,500 RIFT Credits
      • 1 Mount of your choice from the RIFT Store.
      • 1 Radiant Infinity Cell
      • 30-day Patron Pass
      • 10 Costume Versions of your creation

Runner(s) Up

      • “The Concept Competitor” in-game title
      • 8,500 RIFT Credits
      • 5 Costume Versions of your creation

Note: The “X Costume Versions of your creation” means that you will be given X amount of the costume (no-stats) version of the gear you create. You can then use it yourself or hand them to your friends/guildies/etc.

Congratulations to all the winners and look forward to these winning models hitting in-game at some point in the future.

Check out Trion’s article announcing the winners here.

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4 Comments on “Winners announced for Rift: Concept Contest!”

  1. Chris
    May 3, 2014 at 5:00 am #

    some people have some real talent for this kind of stuff, good job on all them. only problem i have, is that the swords section seems like the winners were 2 handed swords. atleast from the looks of it. i hope they will make them 1 handers as well.

    • May 3, 2014 at 5:06 am #

      The contest was about 2-handed Swords, 2-handed Staves and Cloaks. Perhaps Trion will do some more Concept Art Contests in the future and we may see 1-handed Swords, Daggers, 2-handed Hammers, Maces, Totems, Wands, Bows, Guns and Shields.

  2. Faeyin
    May 4, 2014 at 8:24 am #

    That feather looking cloak is BEAUTIFUL! I cannot wait to snatch it up once I can! Everything else is very beautiful as well and congratulations to everyone who has won!!


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