Q&A with RIFT Game Director Bill “Daglar” Fisher

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We recently asked RIFT Game Director Bill “Daglar” Fisher a few questions relating to the upcoming Patch 2.7 and 3.0 content. Daglar was able to take some time out of his busy schedule to answer a few of those questions for us.

Below are the questions and Daglar’s subsequent answers:

[Dark Blue Text] = My own comments. i.e. May not be indicative of actual content.

Patch 2.7-related Questions:

Q: With the introduction of the Mage Tank soul, Arbiter, will we be seeing Mage Tank crafting recipes and notoriety runes when Patch 2.7 hits?

We are adding two new crafted runes targeted for mage tanks when 2.7 launches. We are looking at adding more crafting recipes in over the course of 2.7. I’ll have to follow up with folks and determine if we are in fact going to add updated notoriety runes.

[Note that this is on top of the dungeon/raid vendor gear that will be up for Mage Tanks.]

Q: Trion released the Bindings of Blood: Greenscale and Akylios raid encounters on April 16th. Would you be able to tell us when the Laethys and Maelforge raid encounters are scheduled to appear?

Because we are releasing the new souls on patch day, we wanted to wait to release the next raid encounters. At least one encounter should be available on live the week following 2.7 launch week.

[This likely means that Bindings of Blood: Laethys will come out on 14th May 2014 (a week after Patch 2.7 release) since Dev Anony mentioned before in a previous livestream that the Bindings of Blood: Maelforge encounter would be the hardest of the four. Thus Laethys should probably appear prior.]

Q: Only the main 4 2.7 soul quest chains are up on the PTS for the Runic Athenaeum and the Calling-specific soul quests seem to have been removed (probably for a later date). Are we getting the other Calling-specific soul quests at a later date? If so, do you have an estimated time-frame?

The additional 2.7 soul quests will be enabled in the upcoming weeks. We wanted to take a bit of time to add additional rewards.

[These relate to Calling-specific soul quests that only your Calling has access to. Initially when Patch 2.7 hits, the Runic Athenaeum should have starter quests and the Arbiter, Physician, Liberator and Oracle soul quest chains available to all players.]

Q: Do you have an estimated date for Summerfest?

I believe we are targeting a little bit later into the summer this time around. I think this is going to be later in July. As we get closer to it, we’ll certainly spread the word.

Q: Is the Unicorn event a Rift Store Promotional Week Event? When is it estimated to come out?

This is indeed another Promotional Event to add to the stable of Promotional events we have. You can expect to see it late this month.

Q: Is the Hellbug cross-promotion going to bring in new rifts and zone events? When is it estimated to come out?

The focus is on a new zone event with a few neat mechanics and even a new type of Hellbug creature. There are new RIFTs that may appear outside of the zone events as well as new invasions. The timing of its release will be topical.

[The new Hellbug creature is likely to be the Hellbug Turret. TehFrank previously datamined the skin.]

Patch 3.0-related Questions:

Q: Are you able to provide us with a 3.0 release date at this time? If not, do you have an estimate?

I’m notorious for not giving public facing release dates for things that are not done. It will be this year.

Q: We’ve heard from MikeD that 3.0 is still in an internal Alpha testing stage. Would you be able to provide us a date or estimate of when 3.0 Closed Beta and 3.0 Open Beta testing would begin?

Initial closed beta will be starting this month. It will be an extremely small pool of external players.

Q: Will there be a prelude World Event for 3.0 like the Tempest Rising World Event we had for Storm Legion?

That should be on the schedule. That does not mean it will happen for sure, as priorities always shift and move in development.

Q: Will Trion ever re-introduce Expert Rifts like the ones available in the continent of Mathosia?

Expert RIFTs were in an odd spot and did not receive very much usage from players. I would not expect to see them again – though you have seen other more group focused types of RIFTs with different rewards added.

Non-Patch-related Questions:

Q: Are there any plans to add bag slots for the non-default Bank Vaults that you purchase with Credits?


Q: Has Trion got plans for this year’s Extra Life Charity Event?

I’ll have to ping the community team and see what their plans are this time around. We have been doing extra life for quite some time now, and I expect we will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

Q: Any juicy 3.0 Concept Art you could share with us?

I have a lot of juicy 3.0 Concept Art in my inbox. It isn’t the right time to share yet however.


  • Mage Tank gear – new crafted runes are up; additional crafting recipes coming out over the course of 2.7.
  • Additional Calling-based Soul Quests will be opened up in the coming weeks after Patch 2.7 is released.
  • Either Bindings of Blood: Laethys or Bindings of Blood: Maelforge will be released on 14th May 2014. The other will come later.
  • Summerfest 2014 will likely be later in July.
  • Unicorn Event is a promo event that will appear later this month. Possibly 22nd or 29th May.
  • Hellbug event will bring in a new zone event with interesting mechanics and a new Hellbug creature. New Rifts, new invasions. No ETA but should be within Patch 2.7 release cycle.
  • 3.0 is still slated for this year – no other estimates provided.
  • Initial 3.0 closed beta testing will begin starting in this month (May). Small pool initially.
  • A prelude World Event to mark the release of 3.0 is on schedule, but not set in stone.
  • Expert Rifts are not making a come-back.
  • Additional Bank Vaults will not be receiving bag slots.
  • Trion expects to continue doing events for the Extra Life Charity.
  • Daglar has a lot of juicy 3.0 Concept Art in his inbox but isn’t ready to share any right now.

Big thanks to Daglar for taking the time out of his busy schedule to provide us with some informative answers to a variety of questions.

Look forward to Patch 2.7 coming out this Wednesday, 7th May 2014! More information about what Patch 2.7 will bring can be found here. You can also find 3.0 content here.

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