Rift: Concept Art Contest Update

RIFT Concept Art Contest Feature Image

Just a quick update to let you all know that Trion have removed youssef 2000’s entry in the Sword Category and have instead shifted both Artur (3rd Place) and jadhug (Runner Up) to 2nd Place and 3rd Place respectively. [r]

They have not added a new Runner Up.


Basically, Trion held a Rift: Concept Weapons and Cloaks! Contest that was held between 2nd April to 23rd April 2014. They announced the winners on 2nd May 2014 but it was found that the submission by the 2nd Place winner for the Swords Category youssef 2000 was in fact stolen artwork from Artist Wen-M. All he did was flip the entry horizontally.

Observant players notified Trion and this was rectified by removing youssef 2000’s entry and bringing the other winners up one spot.

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