Guide: The Runic Athenaeum

Runic Athenaeum Guide Feature Image

The Runic Athenaeum is a large, hidden library in the north-east of Moonshade Highlands sealed off by an Arbiter named Voradrin with the advice of Thontic. Introduced in RIFT with Patch 2.7, The Runic Athenaeum houses many lore books, lore-related quests, soul-based quests and the Storm Legion Tier 3 Bindings of Blood raid encounters. It also brings forth the Hero’s Unrest Rift Lures and related zone events.

Click here to find all the information you will need to know about the Runic Athenaeum and related content including how to get there, where the Tier 3 portals are and complete walkthroughs of all the various quest chains.

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