Patch 2.7 New Souls Guides

2.7 Soul Pack Cost Announced Feature Image

Patch 2.7 has brought with it a bunch of new souls, one for each Calling: Liberator, Physician, Arbiter and Oracle.

A few guides were written up about the new souls during PTS testing, although numerous changes to each of the souls has taken place since then.

The best way to check out guides for the new souls would be by checking the Rift Forums -> Class Guides section.

Here’s a summary of all the guides that are currently available for the new souls. Note that some of these guides will be outdated, although they should give a fair view of what the souls are about:

Liberator (Warrior Healing Soul)

Physician (Rogue Healing Soul)

Arbiter (Mage Tank Soul)

Oracle (Cleric Support Soul)

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2 Comments on “Patch 2.7 New Souls Guides”

  1. Ifsixwasnine
    May 17, 2014 at 9:19 am #

    Ok so I’m a soul shield aka oracle, in full tier two. Any guide for Best in slot runes/enhancements and what my stats should look like+dps once I have this maxed out ? Tough finding a guide right now. 25k dps in raid is what everyone is telling me I should be able to pull off without the enhancements ? I’ve forked out tons of DMG only to have at tops 11.5k dps lol.

    • May 17, 2014 at 3:01 pm #

      There’s a few oracle guides on the Rift Forums, especially the Auspec/Prognosticator guide by usman.

      As for runes – they should be similar to the normal runes that you usually go for: Lustrous Sagacious Rune, Qaijiri Rune of Wisdom, Lustrous Insightful Rune, Lustrous Dominating Rune, Lustrous Intrepid Rune, Caretaker’s Rune of Wisdom, Lustrous Unblurring Rune, Lustrous Intrepid Rune, Lustrous Recondite Rune, Lustrous Recondite Runeshards, Survivor’s Rune of Wisdom, Empyreal Rune of Wisdom, Achyati Rune of Wisdom, Hailol Mind Expansion Rune.

      Then you’ve got Greater Dream Orbs on your Helm, Cape, Shoulders and Neck piece. You want the highest combination of WIS + SP for your tier gear. You can check out the available combinations in the Dream Orbs Stat Sheet here. Just use the tabs at the bottom to find what you are looking for.

      As for 25k dps – usman did post he was doing 24k dps, but that was in the Dummy Foundry on the PTS with all raid buffs and target debuffs up – and it was full dps, near cap CP with no support spells used; and this was back in April so some changes have occured since then. Obviously if you add in some support spells the dps will drop.

      You should check out the last few pages of that guide as there’s some rotation and spec theorycrafting going on.

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