2.7 Issues, Fixes upcoming and more!

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There’s a whole bunch of news tidbits about Patch 2.7 issues, bugs, upcoming fixes and more!

  • MikeD has stated that Trion will look into all the Runic Athenaeum Soul Quests bugs that have popped up. Once they have found the issues they will manually restart the events so that, periodically, players will be able to complete the quests. However, a proper fix won’t come out until later. [Source: MikeD]
  • Those who have a Texture Setting Value of 1 in their graphics settings may be experiencing some odd graphical effects on some textures. Trion is aware and is currently working on fixing this. [Source: Ocho]
  • A Hero Rises Chronicle has been temporarily removed from the Chronicle Window because a key ability needed to complete the chronicle was not working. A fix will be patched out later on. [Source: Tacitus]
  • Crafting UI ‘memory’ issue. Currently if you click on a crafting station, the craft UI will ‘remember’ the last profession you had open – so even if you click on the Forge, if your last opened profession was Apothecary, it would still open that. Gingers has stated that this is not intentional and a fix will be coming out for it. No ETA. [Source: Gingers]
  • The German Client currently doesn’t have localized translation of the 2.7 souls. A patch will hit live tomorrow for EU clients for this, although it may hit during a non-optimal time. [Source: Daglar]
  • Further Mage Tank Gear will be coming out soon (no ETA) including but not limited to “Crafted Gear, Essences, Raid Drops, Capes and additional Weapons on the Rift Store.” [Source: Josh York]

Other News:

  • Bahmi females have hand alignment issues with the Butler Outfit. Marigold stated a fix would come by next week at the latest. [Source: Marigold]
  • Female Dress Pants (especially on the High Elf) for the Butler Outfit being ‘shiny’ will also be fixed by next week. [Source: Marigold]
  • More Macro UI categories will be added in the future. [Source: Gingers] [In the mean-time, check out the new Macro UI by hitting ESC -> Macros.]
  • The frequency of Unstable Zone Events is being adjusted up and will go live with the next hotfix. [Source: Dead Simon] [No information on what the new variables are for spawning an Unstable Zone Event, but some zones that weren’t getting as frequent pops of these zone events will now have their frequency boosted.] [Source: Dead Simon]

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