3.0: Draumheim Rares and new Porticulum names

3.0 Draumheim Rares Feature Image

TehFrank has dug up some new 3.0-related information on both the PTS and Live shards including new porticulum names, factions, new skill level and various rare achieves for Draumheim and Goboro Reef.

As always, anything below is subject to change and datamined items may end up not appearing on the Live shards:

Table of Contents:

  • New Porticulums
  • New Craft Level
  • New Factions
  • Rare Mobs Achievements

New Porticulums

There’s a whole bunch of new porticulums related to the Draumheim zone.

  • tm_drh_porticulum_zeuxisdistrict
  • tm_drh_porticulum_marglepalace
  • tm_drh_porticulum_shadowscion
  • tm_drh_porticulum_tribulationsquare
  • tm_drh_porticulum_bottomtown
  • tm_drh_portscion_sliver_entrance

“drh” likely stands for Draumheim (‘dream home’). As such, the new files above are likely all porticulum locations in Draumheim.

This is on top of the ones we already know of:

  • Luminous Passage
  • Atragarian Well
  • Ghar Station Mem
  • Ghar Station Rosh
  • Temple of Ranri
  • Gemini Bluffs
  • Royal Palace

In considering where or what these locations could be, keep the Draumheim map handy.


“Zeuxis” according to a quick google search seems to have been a Greek painter in the 5th century BC who “created volumetric illusion through manipulating light and shadow, a change from the usual method of filling in shapes with flat color.” – Wikipedia.

Although this may bear no relations to anything related to this location, it is interesting to note that the designs we’ve uncovered for 3.0 seem  to be rather colorful and vibrant. The “volumetric illusion” also caught my eye since the 3.0 Whiteboard mentioned “3D Volumes” and “Water Volumes as Sculptable Object”.

Perhaps this location will be filled with eerie-looking statues and paintings/murals.


Apparently all I got was that it’s the “characteristic crying sound of a cat whom is asking for food” [r]. That sounds rather odd – so wondering whether this is in fact supposed to be “marblepalace” which would make more sense. Given it is different from the “royalpalace”, perhaps it is a competing area to the main palace or just a different sub-section of it.


This is likely connected to the tm_drh_portscion_sliver_entrance. Perhaps we will finally be able to catch a glimpse of Port Scion proper (rather than the map where the Battle for Port Scion warfront is located, which is only a small, non-overrun-by-Death portion of Port Scion).


Searching for “Tribulation” gives “a cause of great trouble or suffering”. And it is a ‘Square’ so likely the central point where – perhaps – Dream People or other victims are placed to suffer. This could be the bottom-right area of the Draumheim map.

What’s more interesting is Wikipedia’s entry on “Great Tribulation”, a Biblical reference. The ninth chapter of the Book of Revelation is even more interesting, stating:

  • 1. And the fifth angel trumpeted, and I saw a star out of heaven fallen to the earth, and to him was given the key of the pit of the abyss.
  • 2. And he opened the pit of the abyss, and smoke went up out of the pit like the smoke of a great furnace; and the sun and the air were darkened by the smoke of the pit.
  • 14. Saying to the sixth angel who had the trumpet, Release the four angels who are bound at the great river Euphrates.
  • 15. And the four angels were released, who had been prepared for the hour and day and month and year that they might kill the third part of men.

[Source: Wikipedia]

There’s some rather eerie similarities between this and Rift’s lore. We have a ‘sixth angel’, the Goddess of Fate. We have an ‘Abyss’ in Rift as well – referred to a few times; once by a Sinister Presence and other times during the underwater questchain on Ember Isle. The ‘Key’ could be referring to the device used to awaken the Akvan.

As for furnaces – the Gyel Fortress dungeon seems to be filled with furnaces – according to the models.

Now, this could amount to nothing – but it could also relate to what 3.0 is all about as well. A lot of games have not shied away from borrowing existing mythology in their storylines.


Just sounds like a sad place. Probably…the bottom area of Draumheim.

New Craft Level

TehFrank found a “Savant@Skill Level” text which seems to point to the next level of Professions. “Savant” means “an expert or wise person” [r]. It’s not to farfetched to imagine going from Grandmaster to Savant and on the PTS there was already hints at higher craft skill levels.

376 crafting

Briefly on the PTS, the Tier 3 Mage Tank gear had (376) Runecrafter (currently highest level is 375) and players testing out the new souls on the Tier 1 10-man Raid Triumph of the Dragon Queen were finding they were receiving new cloth drops (likely because the mobs are Level 62).

These were fixed (or are going to be fixed) but it does indicate that we are clearly getting new craft levels with whole new sets of craft material.

New Factions

It is fairly obvious that with all the other new things that 3.0 will bring, we will also be getting new notoriety factions. TehFrank has datamined a few possible 3.0 factions:

Ally Factions

  • Atragarians
  • Cerulean Rhenke
  • Manugo League
  • The Onir

The Atragarians are already relatively known given the Atragarian Wells in the underwater quest-chain on Ember Isle.

The Onir is possibly short for Onirique which is French for “dream-like/inspired by dreams” [r]. Perhaps these folks are the Dream People the 3.0 Whiteboard talks about, and perhaps their leader is the Oniri King that the whiteboard also mentions.

Rift Factions

  • Pelagic Order
  • The Ghar

Pelagic = “Any water in a sea or lake that is neither close to the bottom nor near the shore can be said to be in the pelagic zone”. Derived from the Ancient Greek word pelagic which means “open sea”. [r]

The Pelagic Order is likely to be the generic Rift faction – similar to The Lycini where any activity related to rift creatures will likely increase this notoriety. That said, it could also be heavily related to Draumheim because Draumheim – according to the 3.0 Plane of Water Image – is likely to be in the mid-region of water levels.

The Ghar is also likely related to the two currently-known porticulums of related names, “Ghar Station Mem” and “Ghar Station Rosh”. It is most likely to be like the Torvan – related to specific open world content such as Nightmare Rifts.

Rare Mobs Achievements

TehFrank also datamined Rare Mob Achievements currently up (but hidden) on the Live client related to 3.0.

Draumheim Rare Mob Achieves

Draumheim Rare Mobs Achieve

As you can tell, a lot of these names are well known – Lord Twyl, Cyril Kalmar, Queen Miela Aurentis, General Batua, Asha Catari, Faceless Man and even Saerloth the Avenger.

So why are these NPCs rare mobs to kill?

Chances are in Draumheim you will get a whole heap of nightmares created by the victims of the Plane of Water. As such, these NPCs are likely either nightmares that have manifested themselves into reality, or they come from a different timeline/alternate reality to ours where these NPCs have turned against the Ascended.

Goboro Reef Rare Mob Achieves

Goboro Reef Rare Mobs Achieve

The Goboro Reef rare mobs – nothing much to go on here but look forward to defeating these. Interestingly, Razorfang is an existing rare mob in Moonshade Highlands.

Some much welcome new information about 3.0 courtesy of TehFrank. Thanks to TehFrank for all the datamining that has provided us with all the 3.0 content information over the past few months!

Trion will start ramping up their marketing for 3.0 ‘soon’ (no ETA) and hopefully we will start seeing Concept Art, more detailed information and finished models – something we’ve all been waiting for since the April 2013 3.0 Whiteboard.

In the mean-time however, you can check out more information about 3.0 here.

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