Livestream Summary: 9th May 2014

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Trion had their 9th May 2014 Friday Livestream Extravaganza where they showed off the Bindings of Blood: Laethys encounter coming to Live shards next week!

Click here for a replay of the 9th May Friday Livestream Extravaganza video on


  • Bindings of Blood: Laethys Encounter (Mechanics, Loot)
  • Other Stuff
  • Livestream Giveaways

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Trion had their 9th May 2014 Friday Livestream Extravaganza with Livestreamer “Cole”, Community Manager Eric “Ocho” Cleaver and Game Director Bill “Daglar” Fisher. They were also joined by Senior Content Designer “Ty” who works on a wide range of content from quests to raid bosses and explained some of the mechanics we will be seeing in the Bindings of Blood: Laethys Raid. Raiders mainly from Trinity@Greybriar and Addiction@Greybriar assisted in showcasing the new boss.

As always, everything can be subject to change prior to the content hitting Live.

Bindings of Blood: Laethys Encounter

ETA: First up, BoB: Laethys is coming out next week. (likely 14th May 2014).

Location: It is located in the Runic Athenaeum, on the Top Floor in the bottom-left hand corner. You will be ported to a special instance of Charmer’s Caldera.

Difficulty:‘It should be tougher than Bindings of Blood: Greenscale and Akylios but should be tied with or a little easier than Bindings of Blood: Maelforge’. – Ty.

The Bindings of Blood: Laethys encounter involves going back in time to bind Laethys in Charmer’s Caldera with the original heroes. There’s a mini-boss prior to the Laethys boss called Mallaven although they skipped his fight for the livestream today.

Raiders mainly from Trinity@Greybriar and Addiction@Greybriar helped showcase the new boss. Note that their HP was pinned (so they wouldn’t die) for showcasing purposes.

Bindings of Blood: Laethys


Around half of Laethys’ mechanics will be old and the other half will be completely new.

Hero NPCs


There are 5 Hero NPCs that you will meet who will join you in the Laethys fight –

  • Amardis (first Paladin) – Tanks the Endless Engine add throughout the fight unless frozen;
  • Kamuzu (first Chloromancer);
  • Kushi (first Saboteur) – Helps drain Laethys’ Energy (to reduce Storm of Treasure AoE tick damage). Continuously casts Draining Bomb.;
  • Nysyr (first Inquisitor) – His job is to purge Laethys’ Heal-over-Time ability; and
  • Tahkaat (first Archon) – Gives the raid 20% damage mitigation.

Like in the other Tier 3 Raid encounters, the Hero NPCs will be part of the boss encounter. They are periodically frozen by the Drekanoth of Fate. When frozen, they are unable to use their ability.

You will need to un-freeze them asap as they provide various uses to handle mechanics in the fight. To un-freeze an NPC, you need to go near them and you will be given a temporary ability. When frozen, the NPCs gain 8 stacks of a freezing debuff. Channeling the temporary reactive ability will allow you to reduce those freezing debuff stacks with each tick of your channel ability. Multiple players can help channel to make it go faster.

“If you have 4 people [channeling] it will take 2 seconds” – Ty.

You don’t have to use all of the NPCs as there are achieves to only ever free 3 of them. Obviously this makes the fight harder.

The Drekanoth of Fate

Laethys The Drekanoth of Fate

The Drekanoth of Fate will freeze the Hero NPCs and the raid will need to un-freeze them or else you will not be able to deal with some of Laethys’ new mechanics that can be managed using the abilities of the Hero NPCs mentioned above.

Ceremony (‘Phase 1’)

Bindings of Laethys Ceremony Castbar

At the beginning of the Bindings of Blood: Laethys encounter, the Hero NPCs will channel the Binding ceremony and a “Ceremony” cast-bar will appear. You need to defend the Hero NPCs from adds that spawn until the Ceremony cast-bar is full.

The adds are called Gold Slagstalker. Unlike in Infernal Dawn, these do not have the reflect buff so you can damage them. However, these adds will change back and forth between Silver and Gold versions. The Silver versions seem to be the reflect type so you can’t attack those without killing the Wizened Stoneseer that also spawns.

Just like in the Infernal Dawn version of Laethys – the Wizened Stoneseer has a cast that must be interrupted otherwise he heals to full.

When the Ceremony castbar hits full, Laethys will end up becoming free.

Laethys: 100%-50% HP (‘Phase 2’)

Bindings of Laethys Second Phase

  • She does her Left/Center/Right Slam Fist that you have to get away from.
  • She has her Tail Spike again – it’s a blue AoE circle that appears that shortly after will knock players in the air and deal damage. If it is like Infernal Dawn it should also steal some mana from you.
  • Storm of Treasure – Her Raid-wide AoE ability that deals ticks of damage based on her energy level (that you have to constantly drain).
  • Meteor-effect AoE on two random players where players have to stack to distribute damage. Due to the damage though, the two Meteor-effect AoEs should not be stacked on each other.
  • She still has her Auric Invocation which is another raid-wide AoE ability.
  • ‘Endless Engine’ Add – A ‘gold-plated’ Golem Add spawns that can’t be killed. Tanked by the Hero NPC Amardis throughout the fight. Need to pay attention to make sure that if Amardis is frozen by the Drekanoth of Fate that one of your tanks picks it up and quickly unfreezes Amardis so she can go back to tanking it.
  • Has a Heal-Over-Time ability applied to herself that can be purged by the Hero NPC Nysyr.
  • Gold Piles and Golden Destruction are also used here just like in Infernal Dawn. When Gold Piles appear, you have to be on top of them before the gold AoE that spreads from Laethys and covers the entire encounter reaches you. Afterwards you need to drop off the Gold Pile you are on and hide behind it to prevent getting hit by Laethys’ Golden Destruction.

For a lot of these mechanics (except the Endless Engine Add, Storm of Treasure, energy draining and the Heal-over-Time ability) you can run the Hard-Mode version of the Laethys encounter in the chronicle, ‘Infernal Dawn: Laethys’ to get a pretty good grasp of what the mechanics are like. Obviously the raid versions hit a lot harder.

Laethys: 50% and under HP (‘Phase 3’)

Bindings of Laethys Final Phase

When Laethys drops to her half-way point, she will disperse and then re-emerge as her ‘full dragon’ form (the first phase form for Infernal Dawn).

  • She becomes mobile.
  • Small versions of Laethys will also start appearing on either side of the encounter. You need to find the safe Blue AoE circle area because shortly afterwards every single one of these mini-Laethys will begin using a breath ability that ends up filling the entire room.
  • Greed Hulk Add – When safe-zones appear this add will also appear. You need to kill it within 10 seconds or else it will self-destruct and deal a lot of damage and knock you out into the on-coming room-wide breaths of all the mini-Laethys. (You can be knocked off the encounter into the lava below if you aren’t careful).
  • Purple or Green AoE. Everyone gets either a Purple or Green AoE. You want to make sure you aren’t overlapping with players who are a different color from you. For color blind players they added different markers to help out. Triangle (Purple) vs Cross (Green). If you do overlap with someone who is a different color from you, you both take damage.
    You will need to also pay attention when a safe zone appears since you don’t want to stack both Purple and Green players on top of each other.
  • The encounter-wide breaths from the Mini-bosses will occur sooner and sooner acting as a soft enrage.

Laethys Loot

The Loot for this showcase was: Bindings of Blood Laethys Loot

Soul of the Bloodstorm

Item used to upgrade pieces to Relic.

Goldweave Pantaloons

Mage Cloth Legs with:

  • Armor + 5172
  • WIS + 115
  • INT + 164
  • END + 111
  • Crit Power + 119

The Mythical Burning Revelation

Relic Warrior Polearm 2-handed weapon with:

  • STR + 300
  • DEX + 200
  • END + 231
  • Attack Power + 135
  • HIT + 180
  • Equip: Your damaging attacks have a chance to increase your attack power by 500 for 15 seconds.
  • DPS: 514.7
  • Weapon Damage: 1369-2542

The Mythical Fist of Nine Parries

Relic Warrior Tank 1-handed Mace with:

  • STR + 95
  • DEX + 67
  • END + 167
  • Parry + 100
  • HIT + 90
  • Equip: Incoming damage has a chance to increase your Parry value by 236 for 20 seconds.

Of course everything is subject to change so these stats may or may not be placeholder.

Other Stuff

  • Some Mage Tank Crafted Gear is up on the Live Shards. [Info] There are some stat issues such as having Block stat on the Neck piece. This will be fixed with next hotfix. [Source: Daglar]
  • Some Mage Tank Gear is sorted incorrectly on Live. Tier 2 Weapon called “Despoiler’s Staff of Force” can be seen if you change your level filter to 50 to 60 (instead of 51 to 60). Also, Essences are sorted improperly under World instead of its proper place.
  • From looking at data from thousands of warfronts – the winning teams tend to be comprised of ~20% healers. [Source: Daglar]
  • Starting to gear up to talk about 3.0 stuff – getting ready for it but will be “in the future, it’s coming” – Ocho.
  • No plans to change weekly reset day for EU. [Source: Daglar]
  • Not going to force players to play a specific role in a warfront. If there’s too many healers in a warfront, tell players to change their specs.  [Source: Daglar]
  • For Physician healing nerfs, they will look into it but nothing promised. [Source: Daglar]
  • In response to a player asking for respawn timers in warfronts to be reduced to 10 seconds, Daglar mentioned that they were pretty happy with current respawn times so these won’t be changing. [Source: Daglar]

Livestream Giveaways

During the Livestream, a handful of livestream chat channel viewers who are subscribed to Trion’s Twitch Channel received:

  • 3x Dream Soul Packs (2.7 Soul Bundles) to 3 random players; 1x soul pack per player.
  • 15x Budgie Troves to 3 random players; 5x troves per player.
  • 100x Mystery Box: Dimensional Wonders to 2 random players; 50x boxes per player.
  • 1x Paddles Companion Pet (one of the rarest pets in the game) to 1 random player.

There were also stuff given away in-game:

  • Random Prize: A random warfront player who killed Cole in a random Warfront he was in also won a ‘random prize’.
  • 99x Shanks. A random player received 99x Shanks (meat item) from Cole because he didn’t want them.
  • 32x Tourmaline. A random player received 32x Tourmaline (ore item) from Cole because he didn’t want them.
  • 24x Platinum Bar. A random player received 24x Platinum Bar (ore item) from Cole because he didn’t want them.

Quote of the Stream:

“Ty, the child of Johnny Depp and Jet Li”. – Cole

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