Savant for new Craft Level + Fish Achieves

Savant has been confirmed (at least in datamined files) by TehFrank as the new craft level that goes to 450. TehFrank has also pulled up some of the new fishing achievements. Of particular note are the “Rare Rift mobs, from rifts” described in one of the achieves.

As always with items on the PTS or from datamined files, anything below is subject to change and may end up not being used/appear on Live shards.

Craft Profession Level: Savant

RIFT 3.0 Savant Craft Profession Level

TehFrank previously datamined the Savant@Skill Level text which was assumed to be for a new craft profession. Now he has found the Savant name on the craft UI when pulling the datamined files from the client.

The Savant Craft Profession goes to Level 450, up from current max: Grandmaster Level 375.

Fishing Achievements

RIFT 3.0 Fishing Achievements Datamined

There’s three achievements that TehFrank was able to pull up related to Fishing. There’s the usual catch x amount of fish and catch every type of fish in y area like with all the other fishing achieves.

The highlight is the middle achieve, “Seldom Seen, In the Stream”. This one talks about defeating 500 “Rare Rift mobs, from rifts, in the Plane of Water”. This is new information – rare rift mobs in rifts.

Not much else to go on, but look forward to perhaps an added dynamic element to Rifts with 3.0 in the form of rare mobs that probably spawn on chance in rifts-only.

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