New Ascend-a-Friend Referral Program

The new Ascend-a-Friend Referral Program has been added into the game with RIFT 2.7 Hotfix #2. This new Referral Program adds an additional Referral Rewards section to the Rift Store where you can purchase various capes, pets, mounts and supply crates with Referral Coins you obtain when your referrals purchase a Credit pack or eligible product.

Ascend-a-Friend Referral Program

New Ascend A Friend UI

First up you’ll noticed in the above image that you can earn Referral Coins by referring players with the code provided in your Ascend-a-Friend window. When they buy Credit packs in-game, you earn Referral Coins.

It is unknown how much Referral Coins you gain for each Credit pack your referrals buy, but given the cost of Referral Rewards, it could potentially be on a 1-for-1 basis.

Ascend a Friend Mini Menu

The Ascend-a-Friend window can be accessed by clicking on the Speech-bubble Icon on your mini menu-bar in-game.

Just like with the previous system, in order for someone to become your referral they need to sign up to the game using either your Ascend-a-Friend Code, or by going through your unique referral link. Clicking on the Twitter, Tumblr or E-mail buttons will send the appropriate information for you. You can also manually add in the link for, say, your Facebook page.

Note: Remember to abide by spam/posting rules in the places you are considering adding your referral link to.

What Do Referrals Gain?

The Rift website’s Ascend-a-Friend page has also been updated to look better (although it provides less information, such as what Referrals gain).

Ocho has stated that:

Recruits receive:
• The ability to teleport to their recruiter, making grouping up a breeze!
• 25% experience bonus when grouped with and in proximity to their recruiter
• A Free 16 slot Bag
• A rune granting their weapon a special glow
• A stunning cloak
• A unique title
[Source: Ocho]

Note, however that this is based on the old page and may not actually be what new recruits get – something the new Ascend-a-Friend Page fails to reveal.

Referral Rewards

Referall Rewards Category

There’s a new category in the Rift Store called Referral Rewards which require Referral Coins (“RC”) gained when your referrals purchase Credit packs.

There’s a variety of items you can purchase including:

  • Companion Pets
  • Supply Crates
  • Costumes
  • Mounts
  • REX

Companion Pets

Referral Rewards - Pets

There’s currently two companion pets, Succulent Lamb and Courage for 1,000 RC and 3,000 RC respectively. Courage is from the original Ascend-a-Friend rewards, but Succulent Lamb is new.

Supply Crates

Referral Rewards Gear

Bought everything and run out of stuff to get but still earning Referral Coins? There’s Budgie Supply Crates (Bound to Account too) for 550 RC. These contain a chance at equipment, potions, runes, currency, fluff, Rift Store -> Service items and a very rare chance at a Tropical Budgie Mount.


Referral Rewards Costume

There’s multiple costumes available for Referral Coins. The capes are all originally from Storm Legion pre-order bonuses with different stores and regions providing a different cape. The Trailblazer’s Hat is also part of the old Ascend-a-Friend rewards.

Each of these cost 500 RC except the Trailblazer’s Hat which costs 1,500 RC.


Referral Reward Mounts

The Rumble and Typhoon mounts cost 3,000 RCs; the Ember Steed costs 4,500 RCs and the Void Nebula costs 6,000 RCs.

  • The Rumble mount looks exactly the same as the Landslide mount that was given as part of the Storm Chaser Edition (1-year Subscription + Storm Legion deal) that was offered prior to F2P.
  • The Typhoon mount looks exactly the same as the Cyclone mount that was given as part of the Storm Legion Infinity Upgrade Pack.
  • The Ember Steed mount is one of the old Ascend-a-Friend rewards.
  • The Void Nebula mount is the only new mount which is a re-skin of the Aurora and Nebula mounts. The ‘background skin’ looks like a moving, purple gas cloud or miasma.


REX Referral Rewards

Interestingly you can also purchase REX with Referral Coins. 1,250 Referral Coins allows you to purchase a REX that can be consumed for 1,250 Credits.

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