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Seatin was recently able to run through the Bindings of Blood: Maelforge encounter on the Public Test Shard (“PTS”) with DEV_Anony. Anony walked through brief glimpses at the various mechanics of BoB: Maelforge.

You can check out the video below:

Direct Link:

Below is a summary of the mechanics shown in the fight:

Bindings of Blood: Maelforge

The Bindings of Blood: Maelforge encounter is the 4th and last encounter for the Tier 3 Level 60 Storm Legion Raid Bindings of Blood.

ETA: 21st May 2014. [r]

Location: Runic Athenaeum. [Info]

The map is located in Mount Carcera (where you fight him in Infernal Dawn) but you must first fight his mini-boss, Magcilian the Unborn.

For the fights, DEV_Anony pinned their HP so they would not die and used Dev powers to put Maelforge through his phases.

Mini-boss: Magcilian the Unborn


Magcilian the Unborn is located in the central platform on the ground floor. Destroy the egg for him to spawn. He is like a fiery Senbora the Devourer.

Phase 1 – 51-100% hp

Fire-Breath – In the first phase he has a fire-breath mechanic.

Ground AoE attack – This leaves a long-lasting AoE pool on the ground where the active tank is. The tank will need to control positioning because the AoEs last a long time and will likely kill non-tanks.

Purge – He also has a Purge mechanic where you continuously purge off outgoing-damage-increase stacks.

Volcanic Fury – He casts Volcanic Fury – you must dps down his shield and then interrupt the ability or else the whole raid wipes.

Hard enrage for Magcilian is 5min, with 5min 10secs as absolute max.

Phase 2 – 50% and under hp

Magcilian Small Platforms Phase

Maelforge appears and will destroy the main platform shortly afterwards. You need to run onto the smaller platforms to the side (just like with Maelforge’s Eggs in Infernal Dawn). You can leap between these smaller platforms with ease.

Ground AoE Attack – Pull Magcilian to the areas. You will need to move around the smaller platforms because Magcilian still does his ground AoE attack that will make it hard to stay on the small platforms that have the AoE on it.

Consider employing some kind of pre-planned pattern so you don’t end up running out of platforms/space.

Frontal Cone Cleave – He has a frontal cone cleave so the tank must make sure to control him in such a way that he doesn’t end up cleaving the raid, especially mid-jump. (probably have the tank jump first and then have the rest of the raid jump afterwards).

Increased Melee Range – All players have increased melee range so melee DPS should have less issues with attacking Magcilian on this fight.

Once at 0% hp he dies and it’s on to Maelforge.


Bindings of Blood Maelforge

Maelforge himself is located at the top platform with multiple phases.

Again like the other Bindings of Blood boss encounters, there’s 5 NPCs that have various uses.

Note: The build they showed off in the video is a week and a half old and DEV_Anony commented that the final version is a lot harder.

1st Ground Phase

Bindings of Blood Maelforge 2

Cinder Storm – AoE dot on the raid that must be cleansed. Hard-hitting, just like in original Maelforge fight.

Implosion – An AoE sphere that starts outside and closes in on Maelforge. When implosion passes you it silences you and does moderate damage.

Ground AoE Attack – The same ground AoE attack that Magcilian has. Targets active tank. The AoE is long-lasting and sent out periodically so positioning is vital. Kills non-tanks.

AoE Fire Pillars – Fire Pillars spawn on top of the grates in the area. Non-tanks will die to them, but it is critical that the tanks get hit by these pillars because it will remove Unstoppable Bleeding dot that is on them that does more damage over time.

1st Air Phase – 80% hp

Bindings of Blood Maelforge 3

1st Air Phase, Maelforge goes up and a ton of Footholds spawn as well as Tritium Cores.

Footholds – If anyone gets into the red pulsing AoE portion of the footholds, the footholds explode and kills anyone within 15m o the foothold.

If you get close to the footholds (but not enough to make them explode), you get silenced and start taking damage.

Bindings of Blood Maelforge 4

Tritium Core – These are red crystals that appear on the main grates in the outer edges of the platform. Maelforge will go to one of them at random and begin channeling Approaching Ignition (you’ll see the cast bar as well on your UI).

Once Approaching Ignition hits to full, you die.

You must destroy the Tritium Core that Maelforge is channeling on before Approaching Ignition hits full. The Tritium Cores have approx. 22mil hp each.

Once you destroy one, Maelforge will move to the next one at random. Maelforge will channel approximately 2 or 3 Tritium Cores before going to his 2nd Ground Phase.

2nd Ground Phase

Once he is done with the Tritium Cores, he’ll go back down to his 2nd ground phase.

2nd Ground Phase has all the mechanics of the 1st Ground Phase, with the addition of:

Purge Mechanic – He gains an ability that needs to be purged or else you take a lot more damage.

Look-Away Mechanic – He emotes “Maelforge begins to radiate with a blinding light!” that drains your mana if you don’t look away.

Screaming Chaos – Needs to be interrupted.

2nd Air Phase – 60% hp

Bindings of Blood Maelforge 5

At 60% HP he goes back into the air. Adds spawn, waves start appearing.

Pyronite Demon – These adds begin to spawn. You must position them properly because when they die they explode and leave a ground AoE that will be left there for the rest of the encounter.

Flame Waves – There’s a whole bunch of Flame Waves/Walls that appears intermittently.

Nazim NPC – Nazim (one of the NPCs) when spoken to will give you an ability that allows you to open a hole that will instantly summon a Pyronite Demon to that location (to help with AoE placement).

As well as those mechanics, the Flame Pillars continue to spawn on the grates.

3rd Ground Phase

Bindings of Blood Maelforge 6

DEV_Anony didn’t show much of this phase except that there’s still Flame Waves, Pyronite Demons, Maelforge himself, Blinding Light and the inclusion of The Ra’Aran of Fate.

The Ra’Aran of Fate – Like the Drekanath of Fate in the other fights, the Ra’Aran of Fate restores Maelforge to his former glory prior to getting wounded in his fight against Regulos’ Dragon form. He thus ends up at ‘maximum power’.

Intermission – 30% hp

What can only be described as ‘intermission’. Maelforge rises to the air, emotes a lot, shakes the ground and then comes back down. Whilst this is happening all the non-Maelforge-specific mechanics are still going on below.

4th Ground Phase

Lots of AoE, Ground AoE on tanks is still there, Pyronite Demons still there, Flame Waves still there, Fire Pillars, Purge mechanic/etc. Now there’s also very large AoEs that appear. No explanation given to them.

However, all abilities aimed at the tanks hit a lot harder.

Blinding Light is replaced by Cold Fusion – If you fail the mechanic, it’ll hurt. No explanation of what this mechanic is.

Last Phase – 1% hp

Bindings of Blood Maelforge 7

Maelforge goes into the air at 1% hp and casts a Super Nova ability.

The NPCs will try to partially lock Maelforge into the Plane of Water.

Other than flame waves, demons still up, AoEs still up – there doesn’t seem to be any other issues during this last phase.

DEV_Anony is predicting that the last phase (well, probably 4th Ground Phase) will likely take at least a month for even the best guilds to down.

Bindings of Blood: Maelforge is coming out 21st May 2014! Good luck to all the guilds out there and hope you get your Transcendent Trinkets, eventually!

Thanks to Seatin for organizing and creating this video and to DEV_Anony for walking through the Bindings of Blood: Maelforge encounter!

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  1. May 19, 2014 at 4:42 am #

    Absolutely outstanding write up and thanks for the feature Jonus! Brilliant work as always.

  2. May 19, 2014 at 5:55 am #

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Reallytrion
    May 19, 2014 at 2:01 pm #

    Thanks for giving away the entire fight? Nobody who is going to be in a progression race for this boss wants to see a guide/spoiler alert for a fight…good job ruining part of the experience Trion.

    • May 19, 2014 at 2:04 pm #

      They’ve been doing this for a while now. Maelforge, Laethys, 1st half of Volan, Planebreaker Abominus/etc. Perhaps it’s to even the playing field since the whole progression race is kind of tarnished by the fact that guilds have been testing the boss fights on the PTS.

  4. Reallytrion
    May 19, 2014 at 2:08 pm #

    Guilds have always tested content before it has come out, if you mean the guilds that have been practicing on the PTS then sure, but this still was not cool and just pissed off a lot of people.

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