20th May PTS Update

A new 2.05GB update is out on the Public Test Shard (“PTS”), although the majority of that file size seems to be just re-downloads of existing models. There are, however, a few new additions such as Unicornalia, Mage Stormcaller changes and Blighted Antechamber PvP Achievements.

Table of Contents:

  • Mage Stormcaller Changes
  • Unicornalia Promo Week [Guide]
  • Blighted Antechamber PvP Achievements

Mage Stormcaller Changes

First up, the Mage Stormcaller Changes are now up on the PTS. You can find information on the large amount of changes to the soul here.

Please post any feedback/parses/suggestions/bugs in Kervik’s Stormcaller Update thread.

Kervik is already aware of the following issues that will be fixed with the next PTS Update:

  • Forked Lightning is not generating a stack of Electrified on cast.
  • Lightning Arc is not refreshing Living Storm when points have been spent in Endless Storm.
  • Recharge is only returning 6 Charge regardless of how many stacks of Electrified are consumed.
  • 10% SP Talent is not working.

Kervik also added a few points on his vision for the Stormcaller soul and what kind of feedback he would be especially interested in:

In terms of damage, these numbers were hastily done and I fully expect they need a good deal of tuning. Parses comparing Live Stormcaller numbers and PTS Stormcaller numbers would be especially helpful at this point.

Regarding the number of abilities in the soul, one of the main goals of this update is to greatly reduce the total number of abilities given out by the soul. I’m not looking to make the soul boring to play, but I do want to make it more possible to play without having to feel like you’re playing a piano. In short, I’m not looking to add any more damage abilities to the soul and very few, if any, additional utility abilities to the soul. That doesn’t mean its completely ruled out, but there’s going to need to be a pretty good reason to add more for it to happen.

To expand a bit more on what I just said regarding utility, I would prefer to add utility elements to existing abilities than to just add more abilities. Things are still a bit in flux on those, so I’ll post more details about it when I have them.

[Source: Kervik]

Hit up the Public Test Shard and give the changes a go!

Unicornalia Promo Week

Update 05.22.14 – We’ve written up a full guide on the Unicornalia Promo Week here.

The PTS has added in some new Promotions Achievements related to the upcoming Unicorn-related Rift Store Promo Week that Trion mentioned was coming in the 2.7 release cycle [r]. This event is called “Unicornalia”.

ETA Starts 3:30PM Server Time on Thursday, 22nd May 2014.

Unicorn Lore

The PRI Quartermaster in Tempest Bay has a new bit of lore about the Unicorns:

RIFT Unicorn Lore

TehFrank also datamined some promo images that seem related to the Unicorns:

Unicorn Promo 1

Unicorn Promo 2

The Mounts

There’s two Unicorn mounts. Onyx and Opal Unicorn Mounts.

Opal Unicorn Mount

The Opal Unicorn Mount is newly added to the PRI Quartermasters [Location: Tempest Bay]. Like the other Promo Week mounts available at the PRI Quartermasters (Budgie, Empyreal Walker), the Opal Unicorn Mount costs 850 ‘Sparkle Essences’ which are the new currency associated with Unicornalia Promo Week.

RIFT Opal Unicorn Mount

The Opal Unicorn looks like your typical horse mount except with a Unicorn horn and the added feature of rainbow-colored sparkles that come out of its horn.

The sparkles are animated and when you rotate the mount in the preview, the sparkles trail behind. This suggests that when you ride the Opal Unicorn mount, the rainbow-colored sparkles are likely to trail behind as you move around.

Sparkle Essences – like other Promo Week currencies, are obtained from doing Unicornalia dailies and from the Limited Edition: Sparkle Troves that will be temporarily available during the one week event. Like other Promo Weeks, this Promo Week will likely occur several times a year.

The Onyx Unicorn Mount

The Onyx Unicorn Mount comes as a rare chance drop from the Limited Edition: Sparkle Troves that will be available during the Unicornalia Promo Week. Not much else is known about this mount except that it is likely a darker-skinned version of the Opal Unicorn Mount.


RIFT Unicornalia Achievements

There’s two achievements related to Unicornalia, all 0-pt achieves under Achievements (default key “h“) -> Promotions.

Rainbow in the Dark

The “Rainbow in the Dark” achievements requires you to complete all three of the Unicornalia quests obtained from Planar Research Institute NPCs. Thus far on the PTS there are no questgivers available but if these dailies are like the other Promo Week dailies, you should find one in Sanctum/Meridian (depending on your faction), one in Tempest Bay and/or one or two in the Storm Legion zones.

You are rewarded with a Limited Edition: Sparkle Trove that should appear in your inbox. As this is Bound to Account, you could potentially do the dailies on all your alts and send them over to your main.

We’ll have a guide out once more information is available for the Unicornalia Promo Week with all the details.


The achievement “Friendship…” requires you to purchase the Opal Unicorn mount from the PRI Quartermasters. You are rewarded with a title: “Is Magic”.

Limited Edition: Sparkle Trove

The Limited Edition: Sparkle Trove is at least one of the lockboxes that will be available during the Unicornalia Promo Week. It is Bound to Account and is actually much better than past lockboxes because it contains a chance at Tier 2 Raid gear drops and the Tier 2 relic upgrade component ‘Heart of the Planebreaker’. This differs from previous lockboxes that contained a chance at Tier 1 raid gear and the Tier 1/PvP relic upgrade component ‘Radiant Infinity Cell’.

The Limited Edition: Sparkle Trove also has a rare chance of dropping the Onyx Unicorn Mount.

Blighted Antechamber PvP Achievements

Blighted Antechamber Achievements

The Blighted Antechamber is the new upcoming PvP Warfront slated for some time in the Patch 2.7 Release Cycle. There’s now several achievements based on the warfront found under Achievements -> PvP. There’s also a meta achievement for completing all achieves that rewards the title: “The Blighted”.

Most of the achievements will be pretty easy to obtain by just playing the match normally although ‘Master of War’ and ‘Andale! Andale!’ will probably take slightly longer to obtain.

That’s all for the new content currently up on PTS that is not behind 3.0 beta access.

You can also check out the datamined files for this latest update here.

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3 Comments on “20th May PTS Update”

  1. Laughter
    May 21, 2014 at 2:39 pm #

    My first response was, “YAY – a Unicorn!!!” I as happy that is until I landed here, on this webpage.

    This mount is hideous. Unicorns and their relatives the Equine are laughing hysterically everywhere!

    Trion you FAIL!

    Unicorns are meant to be Gorgeous, Flashy, Shimmering, White Beauties…not reskinned old nags with a thing out of it’s head and a fugly saddle. *big sigh*

  2. pele
    May 21, 2014 at 5:55 pm #

    cant belive that is a promo premium mount i mean wtf Trion.
    Its such poor effort.
    such a huge fail.


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