The Road to ThreePointZero Livestream

The Road to ThreePointZero Feature Image

Kiwi, Nurse and Whitelady are holding a joint “The Road to ThreePointZero” Livestream on Sunday, May 25th 2014 at 2pm PDT talking about all things RIFT as well as Trion’s other games Trove, Defiance and ArcheAge (publisher).

  • Kiwi is the site owner of Rift Dream Dimensions, writing a ton of information about player-creations such as Dimensions in RIFT and Cornerstones in TROVE. She also holds a variety of community player-creation-type projects and contests.
  • Nurse is the guild leader of the Philanthropy Gaming Community and both a community builder and guide writer.
  • Whitelady is the ex-guild leader of Legit and Special Olympics who is also the owner of the RIFT raiding guide website RIFT-MMORPG.

The Livestream will be an on-going series that invites various guests over to talk about various parts of each game, keeping up with Trion news and providing giveaways.

For this special ‘opening’ Livestream a Toxic Hellbug Mount and a 2.7 Soul Bundle Package is up for grabs!

Come check them out and join in Trion-related discussion at Also, check out full details about the opening livestream here.

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