Notice: Unicornalia Quest XP is Great!

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Just a quick notice: the Unicornalia Quest XP is amazing!

If you are leveling a character that is Level 30+ (min requirement for obtaining the quests), consider doing the Unicornalia quests every single day of the Unicornalia World Event.

My Level 34 alt was getting 72,618 XP for the one-off quest and 48,412 XP for each of the Dailies. To put that in perspective, leveling from 34 to 35 takes 144,987 XP. Now add Patron EXP pot + a Rift Store pot and these dailies alone over the week-long promo event will level my alt up quickly for minimal time spent. For the two dailies, just duel someone and use the ability on them and complete an Instant Adventure chain (default key “.”).

Even if you ignore the “Friend of Wyredode: Defeat Ezmodeamus” quest (due to the current issues with boss hp), you’re still getting a significant amount of XP compared to any normal quest at your level range. i.e. normal open-world Level 34 quest gives about 3-5k XP.

You can access the questgivers at Level 30+ in Sanctum or Meridian. You can also find a guide here.

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