Unicornalia Extended until June 5th!

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The Unicornalia Promo Week has been extended until June 5th, likely due to the on-going issues with the Hooves and Horns zone event in Moonshade Highlands. This will give players more opportunities to complete the quests (and thus get their free Limited Edition: Sparkle Trove that you get in the in-game mail if you complete all 3 quests once per character) and to have more chances at the Sparkle Troves which are also a rare chance drop from the Hooves and Horns zone event.

This also means that players with low-level chars (above 30) will continue to benefit from the very high experience the two Unicornalia dailies provide for another week!

It will now end at 3:30PM Server Time on Thursday, June 5th. (NA Countdown) (EU Countdown)


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