News Tidbits: 28th May 2014

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A few news tidbits today:

  • RIFT 2.7 Hotfix #5 is out with a variety of changes, including class changes and BoB Mini-boss fixes. [r]
  • Although not included in the hotfix notes, Dev Kerilar stated that the current 50% drop rate of Bounty Artifacts from <Most Wanted> NPCs is a bug and they should drop Bounty Artifacts at an 100% drop rate. [More info on <Most Wanted> NPCs]
  • Unicornalia has been extended for another week! This also means you can benefit from the large experience the daily quests give you for your low-level characters (lvl 30+) for another week! [Guide]
  • The Horns and Hooves Zone Event related to Unicornalia has been added to the Rift Event Watcher zone event tracking website so you can now check which shards have this zone event up. Thanks to Elioty@Zaviel for continuing to maintain Rift Event Watcher!
  • Ezmodeamus now has around 2.4m hp! There’s finally a decent chance to complete the “Friend of Wyredode” quest and get your “Rainbow in the Dark” achievement done for a free Bind on Account Limited Edition: Sparkle Trove! [Guide]
  • RIFT Survey Titles. For those who completed the RIFT Survey and entered your e-mail address in the optional field, you will be given the title: “Surveyor” around the first week of June (about a week after the survey closes). [r] If you haven’t already done so, take the survey here and remember to include your e-mail address in the required field near the end of the survey.

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