Tip: Spending excess Craft Marks

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So you have an excess of Master Craftman’s and Artisan Marks. Perhaps you just enjoy turning in crafting dailies/weeklies for notoriety and exp – or maybe you’re turning in gathering ‘byproduct’ items to Oorlon at K’Rom’s Fortress in Ashora. What do you use these marks on on – you have all the recipes you want, right?

Let me introduce you to:

Grandmaster Craft Supply Crates

RIFT Craft Supply Crates

Grandmaster Craft Supply Crates come in a variety of types for each Craft profession and Survivalists containing a chance at craft-related gathering materials, craft materials and even a chance at Grandmaster Marks and craft recipes.

Where to Purchase

Zhaspae Specialty Crafting Goods NPC Tempest Bay

Supply Crates are purchased with 6 Master Craftsman’s Marks and 60 Artisan Marks from the <Specialty Crafting Goods> NPC, Zhaspae.

Contents of Supply Crates

Each supply crate has a chance of dropping a variety of items related to their respective craft (i.e. Grandmaster Artificer Supply Crate will drop Artificer-related items).

Some of these items include:

  • Junk. Just NPC’d items.
  • Gathering materials, such as Plants, Wood, Ore and Cloth.
  • Crafting materials, such as Major Catalysts, Polished Metal Scraps, Pristine Leather Scraps, Treated Wooden Boards and Flawless Gemstone Remnants.
  • Grandmaster Craftsman Mark.
  • Craft Recipes such as Recipe: Stellar Fanatical Augment.
  • Augments such as Excellent Fanatical Augment and Stellar Enlightened Augment.

Of course, the most common items gained are junk and gathering materials.

The type of item you have a chance of obtaining is based on the type of supply crate you purchase. For instance:

  • Craft Materials dropped are based on what the craft profession requires. i.e. Grandmaster Artificer Supply Crates will have a chance of dropping Treated Wooden Boards and Flawless Gemstone Remnants.
  • Craft Recipes are based on what the craft profession can craft. I.e. Grandmaster Armorsmith Supply Crates will have a chance of dropping Recipe: Vicious Rhenium Cape.
  • Augments dropped are based on what the craft profession can craft. I.e. Grandmaster Outfitter Supply Crates have a chance of dropping Excellent and Stellar Cunning Augment.

After a specific craft material? Here’s a breakdown of which craft supply crate provides which craft material:

Apothecary Armorsmith Weaponsmith
Major Catalyst*
Immaculate Inert Fragments
Polished Metal Scraps
Pristine Leather Scraps
Polished Metal Scraps
Treated Wooden Boards
Artificer Runecrafter Outfitter
Flawless Gemstone Remnants
Treated Wooden Boards
Branching Star
Solidifying Star
Pristine Leather Scraps
Exquisite Fabric Squares

*Major Catalyst can be turned into Catalytic Dust used in a variety of Level 60 craft recipes via Apothecary.

If you have excess marks, why not give these Grandmaster Craft Supply Crates a go? You might find yourself with useful craft-related items or at least something to sell.

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2 Comments on “Tip: Spending excess Craft Marks”

  1. Mike May
    May 29, 2014 at 10:08 am #

    What do you do excess Grandmaster crafting marks though, I am capped on two characters! They should implement something to spend those on also.

    • May 29, 2014 at 6:49 pm #

      Once you have all recipes there’s really nothing else to use GCMs on. The best you can do at this point would be to just hold onto it and hope that GCMs are still useful in 3.0.

      If we look at Rift vanilla to Rift 2.0 transition, Artisan and Master Craftsman Marks were still useful, although the better/best gear required the new Grandmaster Craftsman Marks. If they follow that system, perhaps we’ll get ‘Savant’ Craftsman Marks (based on the name of the new 3.0 craft rank) and still use GCMs and MCMs for cheaper recipes.

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