RIFT Introducing Last Names

PTS Update General Feature Image

Part of the latest Public Test Shard (“PTS”) update has introduced the “Last Name Scroll” for 3,200 Credits (2,880 for Patrons). Update 05.31.14: Daglar has mentioned that the actual price is 450 Credits. The price on PTS was a placeholder from duplicating another item. [r]

RIFT Last Name Scroll 2

If any of you have wanted a last name, or had a first name taken by someone else on your shard and want it back; the Last Name Scroll should help out with that!

Dev Pithos has posted some more details in regards to the Last Name Scroll:

Per character.

The patch notes should have details, but for those who want an early start on thinking about their future last name…

Last names must be at least two characters long.
Last names cannot contain two spaces in a row.
Last names cannot start or end with a space.
Last names can be made up of multiple words.
Each word must be at least two characters long.
Each word can contain up to one apostrophe.
Each word can contain capital letters only as the first letter, or immediately after an apostrophe.
No numbers or other punctuation beyond spaces and apostrophes.

[Source: Pithos]

First Names are still unique [r]

If you’re interested, start planning out those last names!


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