Trion posts RIFT Behind the Scenes: “Underlord of Lore Captain Cursor” Article

Captain Cursor Feature Image

Trion Worlds has posted a “RIFT Behind the Scenes: Underlord of Lore Captain Cursor” Article on the Rift main website. The article can be found in full here.

Captain Cursor is the lore developer for RIFT and also plays the role of Atrophinius’ voice. In the article he goes over his role in RIFT and what it is like writing for a game and shaping the world of Telara.

Few interesting tidbits:

  • Captain Cursor does a lot – brainstorming new concepts, making sure various teams’ work is tied with the lore, naming Promos, writing short stories for class lore, voice of various NPCs including Atrophinius and help direct other voice actors. He is also working on the Plane of Water expansion – on the quests, scenes, mob-placement, roleplay/etc.
  • Captain Cursor likes to use mythological and historical references – but only using them as a starting point and by the final product is generally looks nothing like the references used. I.e.:
    • Dendrome referenced the 12 heroic labors of Hercules;
    • The Kingdom of Pelladane is supposed to feel like France in World War II.
  • “The story is used to tie together and reinforce the mechanics and goals of the game, and the mechanics and gameplay draw from the story.”

If you’re interested in story-telling, especially in a game world, check out the full article here.

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  1. May 31, 2014 at 12:02 am #

    Thank u! Very interesting.

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