News Tidbits: 31st May 2014

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A few RIFT news tidbits:

  • Dimensions have been crashing for a lot of dimensioneers, especially those who use Dimension Tool addons. Trion is aware of the issue and is able to reproduce it – they’re looking into getting a fix out for it. No ETA. [Source: Faratha]
  • Rogue Physician – Viral Infection is bugged and not dealing damage after the first minute. A fix should be available with next week’s patch. [Source: Vladd]
  • Rogue Physician – Emergency Response will have its healing portion reduced to 75% effectiveness in PvP. This reduction is multiplicative with the global healing reduction in PvP. [Source: Vladd]
  • Daglar announces Last Name Change Scroll actually costs 450 Credits. [Source: Daglar]
  • 5v5 Pool Play PvP Tournament by Godlike Awesomeness is occuring today, May 31st at 6:30PM PDT. [r] Come check out the stream here.

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