Giveaway: Onyx Unicorn Mount

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[Update: 06/11/14] Winner Announced: Congratulations to Eleshai@Faeblight! [Announcement]

The extra-extended Unicornalia Promo Week is coming to a close – how was your luck with the Onyx Unicorn Mount? If you were unlucky or just didn’t bother with the Sparkle Troves; why not give a shot at the real thing?

Onyx Mount Giveaway Ad

(Note: The above is a parody and should not be considered official lore.)

Onyx Unicorn Mount Giveaway

Feeling lucky? We’re giving away:

  • 1x Onyx Unicorn Mount to one lucky player.

The Onyx Unicorn Mount item we are giving away is a consumable item. Once consumed, all your existing and future characters will receive the Onyx Unicorn Mount in their mail.

Rules are simple:

  • Post a comment below with your ‘in-gamename@shardname’. Ensure your name@shard is 100% accurate.
  • Both NA and EU players* can participate.
  • Please only one post per person.
  • Entries close on 11th June 2014 at 9PM PDT. [ENTRIES CLOSED!]
  • Winner will be randomly picked using List Randomizer.

Good luck!

*The Onyx Unicorn Mount consumable item is available on the NA shards. However, EU players can still participate as the mount item – once consumed – will apply account-wide and be available to all your existing and future characters on both the NA and EU regions.

If the winner of this prize is an EU player, they will have to create a character on one of the NA shards. To change your region, just open your RIFT patcher, press the ‘Settings’ button in the bottom-right corner and then change the region to North America, hit the ‘Save’ button and then hit the ‘Back’ button. Enter your account information as per normal and then choose a shard and create a character. To return to the EU region, simply repeat the process but choose Europe in the drop-down. [Image Guide]

What happens if I win?

  • If your character is on the North American shards:
    • We will send you the prize via in-game mail.
  • If your character is on the European shards:
    • We will send you an in-game mail notifying you that you have won. We will also ask you for your North American character@shardname details.
    • If you don’t have a North American character on your account please make sure to create one.
    • Once you have responded with your North American character@shardname details we will send the prize via in-game mail to your North American character@shardname.
    • Once consumed the Onyx Unicorn Mount will become available to all your existing and future characters on your account – this includes both your NA and EU characters. This allows EU players to participate in this giveaway.
    • Please make sure the NA character@shardname details you provide in your reply to our in-game mail is from the same account as your EU characters.

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