Last Name Scroll – How it Works

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The Last Name Scroll item is now up on Live shards and can be found under Rift Store (default key “]“)-> Services.

RIFT Last Name Scroll

The Last Name Scroll costs 450 Credits (405 for Patrons) and is a bind on pickup, consumable item (so it only applies to the character that purchases the scroll).

  • It is effectively like an additional, extended title lopped on after your First Name. It does not appear in chat, mailing players with last names/etc.
  • Even though it is effectively a title, it doesn’t replace the suffix title so you can have [Prefix Title] [Firstname] [Lastname] [Suffix Title].
  • It appears above your character’s head but will not appear on your Player Portrait or Character Select Screen (just like Titles).

Last Name Ruleset

A few things to know about how the Last Name Scroll works:

  • Per character.
  • Last names must be at least two characters long.
  • Last names cannot contain two spaces in a row.
  • Last names cannot start or end with a space.
  • Last names can be made up of multiple words.
  • Each word must be at least two characters long.
  • Each word can contain up to one apostrophe.
  • Each word can contain capital letters only as the first letter, or immediately after an apostrophe.
  • No numbers or other punctuation beyond spaces and apostrophes.

[Source: Pithos]

  • First Names are still Unique.

[Source: Daglar]

What this means is that your name can effectively be multiple words – not just a First Name and a Last Name. However, you cannot use a First Name that is already being used by someone on your shard.

I.e. if Player A has the name “Bobby” on the Laethys shard, Player B cannot create a “Bobby Doddy” on the Laethys shard because Player A is already using the First Name.

Examples of possible names include:

  • Pants On Fire (Last names must be at least two characters long)
  • Marko Vrok’mas (each name can contain up to one apostrophe)
  • Khort In Rift Can’t Respond
  • Imma Behind You
  • Bane the Traitor and
  • Why So Serial

You could also potentially use it to link up to existing titles, i.e.:

  • Vermillion the Keeper of the Universe and the Storm Legion’s Most Wanted

This would be ‘Vermillion’ (first name) ‘the Keeper of the Universe and’ (last name) ‘the Storm Legion’s Most Wanted’ (suffix title).

(wonder if “[FirstName] the Guild Leader of [Guild Name]” will be allowed.)

How does Communication work?

Say you make a very long Last Name. Will it appear in chat and fill up players’ chat windows?

It Doesn’t – Last Names act like extended titles so only their firstname@shardname will appear in chat. You won’t have to fear chat bloat!

This also applies to sending mail to the user and typing their name out to whisper them. Like a title, the Last Name isn’t required to type commands to interact with the player.

(Thanks to Whackinstick and Boase for providing this information)


Players have already started using the Last Name Scroll to create some rather interesting names:

Last Name Examples RIFT

[Source: dalthiumc00kie; dalthium]

As you can see from some of the examples, you can effectively use the Last Name Scroll to create entire sentences or to create your own titles as part of your name.

Got an interesting name after using the Last Name Scroll? Post it on Kitasia’s thread on the Rift Forums!

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