News Tidbits: 5th June 2014

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Just a few news tidbits for you all today on 5th June 2014:

  • Mayhem in Mathosia: Moonshade Highlands and Droughtlands has begun. Participate in zone events whilst mentored to around the level of the mobs you are fighting to gain additional rewards including a chance at Lavender Hellbug and Sapphire Ki Rin Mounts.
    There’s also a kill-700-planar-creatures quest that rewards 650 IS and a Crucia’s Supply Crate. [Guide]
  • “Surveyor” titles have gone out to all players who put their game-linked e-mail address in the appropriate section of the Survey that was carried out in May. If you are eligible, this should appear in your in-game mail today. Collecting it from the mail will add it to your account automatically (it won’t appear in your inventory).
    Writ of the Surveyor
  • Rogue Physician Changes: Vladd has posted further changes to the following Rogue Physician skills that will be coming to the PTS [r]:
    • Emergency Response: No longer crits. Cannot be affected by any +healing abilities (such as Tactician gift or Palliative Care).
    • Alternative Treatment: Now off Global Cooldown. Costs 10 Energy. 10sec CD. It still removes itself if the Rogue hits 0 energy.

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