PTS Update 10th June 2014

PTS Update General Feature Image

The PTS was updated today with a 142mb update. There’s not much added that seems to be accessible to general players, but here’s what we’ve come up with:

  • A few achievements have added points, not accessible by general players though (probably only 3.0 closed-beta players are able to see them).
  • Nightmare Rifts that go up to Stage 125!
  • Hellnest Rifts
  • Lake Monster model make-over


Nightmare Coast

NM Coat

The Achievements -> Dungeons -> Nightmare Coast achieves for one of the 3.0 dungeons have all been removed and replaced by this single achievement. Chances are they have simply been hidden away from general players. The amount of achieve points in this category have also increased from 85 to 90.

Nightmare Rifts

The Achievements -> Planes -> Nightmare category which is all about the 3.0 ‘Nightmare Rifts’ content has increased its total achievement points from 450 to 585. Again though as with the other 3.0 achievement categories, there are no achievements inside.

That said, something interesting was spotted on the PTS:

Nightmare Rift Rank 1 Stage 125 Achievement

A “Nightmare I: Stage 125” achievement gained for reaching Stage 125 in a Nightmare I Rift. Previously TehFrank had datamined a Nightmare I: Stage 15 achievement back in November 2013.

It looks like these rifts will go to at least 125 which sounds rather crazy – although with no other information besides some models related to Nightmare Rifts, it is hard to tell whether these rifts will be interesting enough to get to Stage 125 or tedious like Great Hunts.

The “Nightmare I” does seem to point heavily to multiple tiers and given the number of stages these could end up being aimed at groups of 10+ players rather than a solo rift.

Hellnest Rifts

A Hellbug event will appear next week (likely starting at 3:30PM ST Thursday, 19th June 2014, when the Temporal Flux Promo Week ends). With the event comes new ‘Hellnest’ Rifts.

These rifts were briefly up on Live, and also on the PTS. We got to take a look at the rifts on the PTS and we have a brief glimpse of what it looks like:

Hellnest Rift Image PTS

A lot of red, as expected. There’s Broodling Nests that continuously spawn Hellbugs as well as new Blast Pods (‘hellbug turrets’) that shoot out ground-based knock-back and stun AoE at various stages of the rift. Hellbug Warriors and Matriarchs abound.

According to FlaminBurrito on the Rift forums, there also seems to be Blast Pod footholds and perhaps even a zone event attached to this Hellbug event.

Lake Monster Makeover

The Lake Monster model has been given a slight makeover with a few more textures attached as per below:

Lake Creature 2Its mouths and entrance area has a few more details included compared to past iterations of the Lake Monster.

The Lake Monster seems to be a quest or dungeon entrance in Tarken Glacier and can be seen in the mini-maps collection for one of the Tarken Glacier maps as per below (it’s the middle-right frozen ‘thing’ in the pond):

RIFT 3.0 Datamine Tarken Glacier 1

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